Alternative Breast Cancer Resources

The following is a collection of alternative breast cancer articles.

Access to GreenMedInfo’s library on breast cancer

10 reasons why women are getting breast cancer

Natural News; The Breast Cancer Deception Report

Iodine prevents breast cancer

Aluminum from antiperspirants can be found in nipple aspirations of breast cancer patients

CCAR breast cancer articles

BPA and Breast Cancer 

Breast Cancer Genes

Breast Cancer Typing and staging

Breast Health with Diet and Lifestyle changes

Ductal Carcinoma-in-situ- Should be Reclassified as a Non-Cancerous Condition

Estrogen Dominance and Finding Natural Solutions

Iodine and Breast Cancer

Mammography, Genes and Breast Cancer

Over-diagnosis and Over-treatment of Breast Cancer

Parabens and breast cancer

Supplements that Support Breast Health

Tamoxifen and Breast Cancer- Manipulating the Statistics

Thermography; a Safer Option

Triple Negative Breast Cancer~Natural Treatments

Read testimonials of healing breast cancer naturally



Serious health concerns are related to birth control pills


Hormones and sexual health

Dr Christopher Nagy on preventative strategies for breast cancer



  Heal Breast Cancer Naturally: 7 Essential Steps to Beating Breast Cancer


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