Cervical Cancer Healed with a Raw, Vegan Diet (Jane Van Benthusen)

“The healing power of food is amazing! When we step away from processed foods the results are drastic and undeniable. I hope to teach others about the many healing foods that have helped me and can help you too.”   Jane Van Benthusen, a raw vegan diet enthusiast

Jane Van Benthusen heals from cervical cancer with a raw vegan diet

Jane Van Benthusen

It was In August of 2007, when Jane began feeling very ill. She was 38 years old and was suffering from numerous health issues.  Some of them included: migraine headaches, indigestion, yellowing of eyes, heavy periods with spotting, overweight, insomnia, knee pain, chronic urinary infections, uterine fibroids, thinning hair, acne, low energy, yeast infections, toenail fungus, depression and anxiety.

She says that she thought that it was normal to live with pain, and everyone she knew seemed to be experiencing one type of physical pain or another.   In order to deal with these symptoms she took numerous over-the-counter painkillers, antacids, and sleeping pills on a daily basis, and she self-medicated with alcohol.   She says that she had tried to change her diet over the past few years, and had even tried vegetarianism, but says that she ate too many dairy products while on that diet. She also tried to be a vegan but she ended up eating too much bread, pasta, soy, and processed foods so she continued having the same health issues. 

Eventually she went to see an alternative health practitioner, but she says that he only prescribed her lots of supplements.  When she asked about diet, he said “I don’t discuss diet with my clients because none of them would come back.” She saw him just a few more times before realizing that he was not a true healer, just someone who wanted to sell her supplements. 

By the time the holidays came around she says that she was feeling stressed out.   She was suffering from heavy periods and feeling a general weakness.   She went to a walk-in clinic because her gynecologist couldn’t get her in for a few weeks and was diagnosed with a large cervical polyp. She went home and researched polyps and found out they are fairly common, they are rarely cancerous and can be easily removed.  She made an appointment for its removal but her gynecologist said that he didn’t like the way it looked.  He performed a biopsy which confirmed the presence of cancer.   Jane was then sent to a specialist who gave her a choice between radiation or a hysterectomy, she chose the latter.

Jane vanbenthusen cervical cancer

Jane’s cancer was stage 2B

The surgery was scheduled for St. Patrick’s Day in 2008, which she thought might bring her luck, but after being put under the anesthesia and examined further it was discovered that the cancer was stage 2b and therefore was much more extensive than the doctor originally thought.  The surgery was cancelled and she was sent home with information on chemotherapy in order to shrink the tumor first with the hope of a surgical removal at a later date.

She says that she was very scared, but then found a woman living in her township who had healed her breast cancer naturally.  Jane says that she had no idea that healing cancer naturally was even a possibility.  The two met and she left feeling hopeful and had a new term to research….”a healing diet.”  That same day she cut out all meat, processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, and smoking, and went shopping for fresh produce.  She also started doing the Budwig Protocol, but then discovered that she could heal the cancer by eating a raw, vegan, living foods diet only, so she stopped the Budwig Protocol as well as all other dairy products.

She researched many diets including Hallelujah AcresGerson Therapy, and Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Cancer Network, along with many other websites, and says that all of the diets were very similar as they all eliminated the same things, they include:

  • Animal products
  • Processed foods
  • All sugars
  • All preservatives
  • Certain grains

The protocols that Jane used:

    • She says that the basic principle that she follows is to eat nutritious, raw diet that consisted of alkaline vegetables and fruits, along with a variety of seeds and nuts.
    • This diet also eliminates all of the foods that take too much energy to digest such as meats, thus allowing her body to heal and repair itself.
    • Fresh raw greens are your primary food source. (she eats/drinks green juices, smoothies, soups and salads)
    • She added juice fasting, colonics, enemas, and other detoxing protocols
    • Fostering a belief that a higher power (God, Goddess, Mother Nature, The Universe, etc.) will provide everything that we need to be healthy and happy.
    • She later added yoga, affirmations, meditations, and the power of forgiveness, which have all helped her to move forward emotionally and heal.

Her results: Jane lost 90 lbs over the first 8 months, this left her at 108 lbs which was her weight back in high school.   Her pants size went from an 18 down to a size 2, and she no longer has migraines, or experiences pain.  Her hair has thickened, her skin and eyes have cleared, and her menstrual cycle has normalized.   Other members of her family have also adopted the plant-based, raw, vegan diet.  She also found many testimonials from people all over the world that have healed themselves of all kinds of illnesses by adopting a healing diet and has met with several of them over time.  She now works as an energy healer and a life coach, teaching others how to heal their bodies.  She says that your body has the capacity to heal itself of almost all illnesses when it is fed properly.


Jane shares the therapies that she used to heal from cervical cancer


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