What is holistic healthcare?

Holistic doctors are educated and trained in traditional medicine and are required to hold a medical degree.  They are capable of addressing all standard medical needs just as a traditional medical doctor will do, however, they adhere to holistic principles that use a variety of alternative methods to promote physical, emotional and spiritual health, which will encourage a better quality of life.

A good holistic doctor will be well rounded and knowledgeable in many different modalities as well as experienced with a variety of different illnesses, diseases and conditions.  They should be able to address biochemical and metabolic disorders, food allergies, chemical sensitivities, nutritional deficiencies, herbal remedies, homeopathic remedies, vitamin and mineral supplementation, diet plans, lifestyle changes, environmental medicine, and the spiritual aspects of healing.

Use the links below to find holistic healthcare in your area.

This post contains a collection of alternative health doctors and clinics, along with some search tools to help you locate holistic healthcare in your area.

Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute, Puerto Rico

The Block Center for Integrative Cancer Care, Dr Keith Block, Skokie, Illinois

The Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research,  Dr Rashid Buttar, Cornelius, NC

The Center for New Medicine,  Irvine, CA

Century Wellness Clinic, Dr James Forsythe, Reno, NV

CHIPSA Hospital, Playas Tijuana, Mexico

CMN Alternative Cancer Treatment Center, San Luis, Sonora Mexico

Dr Stanislaw Burzynski’s Gene Targeted / Antineoplaston Therapy- Houston, Texas

Dr George Y.C. Wong, Chinese Herbalist, New York, NY 

Gerson Clinic-  Locations: Clinica Nutricion y Vida in Tijuana, Mexico, and Gerson Health Center in Hungary

Gerson Plus, Dr Dan Rogers, Tijuana Mexico

Hippocrates Health Institute- West Palm Beach, Florida

Hope 4 Cancer Institute, Dr Antonio Jimenez,  Tijuana Mexico

Hoxsey Bio-Medical Cancer Center, Tijuana, Mexico

The Illinois Center for Progressive Health, Dr Nicholas LeRoy, DC, MS, Chicago IL

The Kushi Institute, Macrobiotic Diet, Becket, Massachusetts

Linda Isaacs, M.D.  New York, N.Y.

The Living Foods Institute- Atlanta, GA

Longevity Cancer Center, Phoenix, AZ

Mederi Centre for Natural Healing- Master Herbalist Donald Yance,  Ashland, Oregon

Metabolic Healing-Michael McEvoy & Julie Sands Donaldson, online consultations

Nori Protocol Website

Northern Baja Healing Center, Dr Patrick Vickers practices Gerson-Style treatments in Rosarito, Mexico

Nuzum’s Naturals Tribal Clinic- Dr Daniel Nuzem,  Nampa, ID

Oasis of Healing- Dr Thomas Lodi,  Mesa Arizona

Oasis of Hope Hospital- Dr Francisco Contreras,   Playas de Tijuana, Mexico

The Optimum Health Institute, located in CA and TX

Sanoviv Medical Institute- Playas De Rosarito, Baja California, Mexico

Utopia Wellness Clinic, Oldsmar, FL

Virotherapy Center (Rigvir Virotherapy), located in Latvia, EU

Tools to Locate Holistic Healthcare in Your Area

Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine

American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

American College for Advancement in Medicine-Locate a Physician

Cancure Directory of Clinics (includes international)

Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine

Life Extension Directory of Innovative Doctors

Institute for Functional Medicine

Directory for holistic dentists

Find a Thermography Clinic near you




The New Medicine, by Patrick Kingsley

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