Dr Stanislaw Burzynski’s Antineoplaston Therapy

Dr Stanislaw Burzynski

Dr Stanislaw Burzynski

Dr Stanislaw Burzynski is the first and only scientist in United States history to enter the federal drug approval process for a proprietary cancer therapy without any support from the American government, the pharmaceutical industry, or any other entity within the cancer establishment….and they don’t like that.

Stanislaw Burzynski, M.D. is a physician and biochemist who pioneered the development and use of biologically active peptides for the treatment of cancer.

In 1967, at the young age of 24, he first identified these naturally occurring peptides, which he found were lacking in people  with cancer. He later developed a therapy known as antineoplastons, which can be used to turn on the cancer-fighting mechanisms within the body. These treatments have no ill side effects and can boast a 30-50% survival rate for children and adults diagnosed with terminal brain cancers after standard conventional treatments have failed them.  

Burzynksi does not claim to cure all cancers.  In fact, he has always been very upfront about the abilities of antineoplastons.  He says, “Some cancers have a higher response rate than others, but overall, our success rate is any where from 40-60%. These statistics represent, in their majority, people who were initially given a terminal diagnosis and who came to us after conventional treatments had failed them.  For certain types of brain tumors, we have an over 60 percent partial or complete response rate. For malignant melanoma, we have an objective response rate of around 40%.” (note-currently there is no effective standard treatment for malignant melanoma).

Pictured with his young brain cancer patient Dustin Kunnari, who is now a young man.

Pictured with his young brain cancer patient Dustin Kunnari, who is now a young man.

Burzynski has completed phase 1 and 2 clinical trials with antineoplastons for pediatric brain tumors and is poised to begin phase 3.  The FDA has had longstanding restrictions in place demanding that children diagnosed with brain cancers must first go through conventional treatments and fail before they can qualify to be in the antineoplaston pediatric brain cancer trials.  Perhaps this is required so that it appears as if antineoplastons don’t work as the child is often too sick to respond to the non-toxic therapy.  

In January of 2013, the FDA placed excessive restrictions on his ability to accept and treat all patients with antineoplastons, no matter what their age or diagnosis, but in June 2014, the FDA announced that Burzynski may once again begin limited phase 3 trials of antineoplastons.  Please contact the clinic for more details.

Why does Burzynski have to charge patients to be in drug trials?   Many people question why Dr Burzynski must charge his patients in order to participate in clinical trials. The answer is that cash-rich drug companies can afford to fund their own clinical trials that carry a 300 million dollar price tag.  Pharmaceutical companies will also qualify for research grants from the National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health, or the American Cancer Society once they have completed  phase one of the clinical trials to help defray the astronomical costs involved.  In contrast, Dr Burzynski has never received a penny from any of these organizations, even when he successfully finished phase one and phase 2 trials, instead he has had to spend millions of dollars to defend himself from charges filed by the FDA regarding the use of antineoplaston treatments.

One might think that these organizations would be happy that a non-toxic cure for cancer has been discovered as eradicating cancer has always been their mission statement, but instead they have chosen to  prosecute him relentlessly.   How does the conventional camp explain away the thousands of patients who continue to rally in his defense? They have chosen to ignore them or have had various explanations as to why their cancers were cured and have managed to sweep them under the rug.

Jodi Fenton shares her story of using Burzynksi’s antineoplaston therapy for brain cancer.

Jodi Fenton used antineoplaston therapy for brain cancer.

The National Cancer Institute holds fraudulent drug trials while attempting to steal Burzynski’s drug patents-  The only pseudo-support that he did receive was when the National Cancer Institute offered to put antineoplastons through human trials, but it turns out that they were only offered as a way to discredit him.

Directives given by Burzynski regarding the amount of antineoplastons to administer and the duration of the treatment plans  were intentionally not followed, and to their shame, a dozen people died while the National Cancer Institute toyed with their lives.

Want to know the working atmosphere at the NCI?   Watch the video clip below from Dr Chen as he details the corruption that occurred at the National Cancer Institute and what happened after he wrote a report that was favorable to Burzynksi’s therapy.

The Burzynksi documentary (linked below) also reveals how the FDA attempted to steal his patents while at the same time outwardly rejecting his therapy and prosecuting him, yet the actual patent applications that were filed very clearly stated that antineoplaston treatments are effective for many forms of cancer including  breast, prostate, liver, colon, lung, melanoma and others. Link to the patents that were filed on behalf of the US government by Dr Dvorit Samid:   #6,037,376, #5,635,532, #5,605,530, #5,852,056, #5,654,333, #5,661,179, #5,635,533, #5,710,178, #5,843,994, #5,877,213, #5,881,124


Sophia Gettino was told by conventional doctors that she wouldn’t live to see her second birthday because her brain was riddled with tumors. In January 2012, ABC News Channel 9 in New York featured her as she celebrated her sweet 16th birthday still cancer free.

Insurance reimbursements-  Patients who are not approved for antineoplastons therapy can go to the Burzynski Research Institute for a consultation. There, they will receive  a complete gene screening which will identify the oncogenes that are responsible for the growth of cancerous cells (these tests are currently not available at standard care cancer clinics in the US). This is done because specific cancers may have the genetic makeup of a different form of cancer, and once identified, Burzynski can provide patients with a targeted treatment plan that will address the identified abnormal genes. This is not the one-size-fits-all oncology that is the norm in the U.S.

A few insurance companies will pay for some of the treatments offered at the center, but since Dr  Burzynski often prescribes off-label chemotherapeutic treatments, this may also complicate matters with insurance company reimbursements.

Over the past few decades Dr Burzynksi has had to spend millions of dollars defending himself against the various charges that have been brought against him.  On November 19, 2012, judges at the Texas State Office of Administrative Hearings dismissed the last case that was filed by the Texas Medical Board for prescribing and treating patients with these off label gene-targeted protocols. But that court victory has still not allowed him to practice his form of medicine on patients with cancer, and he is under more pressure now than ever from his online detractors.

Finding Antineoplaston treatments outside of the US-  antineoplaston therapy in now available in Japan. Any patient with any type of cancer can go to Japan to get Antineoplaston therapy legally, and can completely avoid FDA regulations altogether. Regardless of cancer type, and regardless of “previous therapy”. The only problem is that it is very expensive because the only way they can legally give ANP infusions is in a hospital setting (vs doing them at home as done through Burzynski Clinic). But if someone can afford it, the option is always available:   http://www.cancerclinic.jp/en/cancer_treatments/antineoplaston.html

(713) 335-5697 or e-mail questions to info@burzynskiclinic.com.

Link to the Burzynski clinic

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Sophia Gettino is a former patient of the Burzynski Clinic who was told by conventional doctors that she wouldn’t live to see her second birthday because her brain was riddled with tumors. In January 2012, ABC News Channel 9 in New York had her featured as she celebrated her sweet 16th birthday still cancer free.

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