Brain Tumor Healed with Natural Therapies (Allison Huish)

Allison Huish heals from a brain tumor with frankincense essential oil, diet changes, and enzyme therapy

Allison Huish was about 10 years old when she began to experience a variety of concerning symptoms such as hearing loss, stomach issues and weight loss. She had numerous visits to her doctor, but no one could figure out what was causing these problems.

Allison Huish

Because the weight loss was such a concern, Allison was eventually sent for an evaluation with a pediatric gastrointestinal specialist around the age of 13.  During the appointment she was asked to track the doctor’s finger as it went sideways and then up and down. As she did this, her doctor noticed that her eyes would quiver during the upward motions.  This was concerning so Allison was immediately sent for an MRI that revealed she had an egg-sized tumor resting on her brain stem (pilocytic astrocytoma).

The next day Allison had a 7 hour surgery but the surgeon was only able to remove about half of the tumor. The other half was deemed inoperable because it was intertwined with nerves.  Allison reports that her heart had actually stopped beating as doctors tried to remove more of the tumor so they were forced to stop it.   Her family was told that this was the best that could do and that she needed to have radiation therapy.

The doctor was also concerned about Allison’s weight loss, so he gave her mother this advice. “It doesn’t matter what she eats, just feed her anything. You can feed her fries, pizza, and full-fat ice cream. Just get calories into her.” It was at this point that her mom realized that it would be much more important to put good calories into her daughter than the junk foods that the doctor was recommending, and so she started Allison on a whole foods diet to give her body the nutrients that it needed.

The family later met with a radiologist to deal with the remainder of the tumor but Allison reports that her mother did not feel comfortable with this therapy after she heard about the potential risks that were involved.  Allison says, “Radiation on your knee is one thing. But radiation on the brain stem of a 13 year old isn’t the same.” And so her mom made the decision to look elsewhere for the answers.  She visited several health food stores and began researching online for testimonials of people who had cured themselves of brain tumors in order to find out exactly how they had healed. One term that she kept coming across was ‘frankincense oil.’ Further research revealed studies showing that frankincense had the ability to shrink tumors.

Allison started using Frankincense Essential Oil by rubbing it on the back of her head where her surgical scar was, as well as on the reflexology points of her feet, and she began to take it orally. She did this by placing one drop of the oil on her tongue and then pressing her tongue up and back to reach the soft palate area on the roof of her mouth because there are many blood vessels at this location.  She did this oral therapy every two hours during the day. Allison also used Clove Essential Oil, along with Sandalwood Oil by applying them topically.   Allison also began supplementing with Digestive Enzymes which have the ability to help with the digestive and metabolic processes of the body.  Read more about digestive enzymes

Allison says that she was able to regain her strength very quickly and she was able to return to school just three weeks after having brain surgery. She was also putting on weight and says that she was feeling good.  She continued to use the oils along with eating a healthy diet, and went to see her doctor every six months for checkups.  She says that the doctor began calling her “the miracle child” because her recovery was so incredible. He would tell her, “You’re doing great…. Whatever you’re doing, just keep doing it.” And added,“If you have any headaches, come see me. If not, we’ll see you in another six months.”

Allison explained what happened to the tumor, “Normal tumors grow and spread, and they start intertwining and appear fuzzy in the MRI’s.  But my tumor started to do the opposite. It began to come together and to encapsulate itself. And over the course of a couple of years, it shrank until it had completely dissolved.”……..  “When I went to see my doctor, he had to look closely at the dates of the MRI’s to make sure that he was looking at the right one.”

It took about three years of healthy eating and the oil therapy for the tumor to totally disappear.  Allison continued to eat well during her high school years.  She had salads for lunch and says that she managed to avoid the trips to the fast foods restaurants after school, as well as the chips and sodas that were served at their parties on the weekends. She says that she already knew how these non-foods made her look and feel, so it became very easy for her to refuse to eat them. Soon her friends bean questioning her about how they could eat healthier too. Allison said that she really enjoyed sharing the information that she had learned with them and this fueled her desire to enter the field of nutrition when she graduated from high school.

Allison went to college and received a master’s degree in nutrition as well as a degree in fitness training. She started her career working in a nursing home and then a hospital setting, but she says that these jobs were focused more on the people’s illnesses rather than focusing on actually helping them to become healthier.  She says, “I wanted to focus on wellness and actually help people get better, so I started to coach and lecture people across the country about eating a real, whole foods diet. I started teaching people how to make green smoothies, healthy desserts, and inexpensive healthy dinners. My classes sometimes took place around a blender or at the kitchen table, and the topics included alternative healing, balancing hormones, maximizing energy, and losing weight naturally. I loved it! The feeling of waking up every day with an opportunity to really help people change their lives is very powerful.”

Allison shares details of healing a brain tumor with essential oils in episode 2 of The Truth About Cancer; The Global Quest

More on the therapies that Allison used

Essential oils- It should be noted that only therapeutic grade essential oils should be taken internally.  Please find a reputable company that supplies quality oils if you are going to attempt a similar protocol. Read more about how to use essential oils

Enzymes-  When food is consumed, it gets broken down for absorption and then transported by the blood stream through the work of enzymatic activity.  The importance of digestive enzymes resides in the fact that the human body cannot absorb nutrients in food unless there are digestive enzymes available to break them down. Nutrients also work synergistically -which means they cooperate with each other, acting as catalysts in biological reactions within the body. Read more about digestive enzymes

Proteolytic enzymes-  taking large doses of proteolytic enzymes between your meals can also be used to break down the fibrin (protein) coating that surrounds tumors, allowing the immune system to recognize and destroy them.  Read more about systemic enzyme therapy

Anti-cancer diet plan-  Allison spoke about how she changed her diet in order to make her body inhospitable to cancer. You can read more about an anticancer diet and lifestyle plan with this link

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