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I have received numerous questions about the specific products that I am referring to in my writings. In order to answer those question and to make researching and acquisition of products much easier for my readers, I have gathered together some reading materials, supplements, and other supplies that are related to the numerous alternative therapies that I am referring to on this blog. You will find that many of them are readily available through your local health food store or through and can be shipped directly to your home (with free shipping on most items if you have Amazon Prime).

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When you make a purchase through an affiliate link, your costs will be exactly the same as when purchasing directly from Amazon, but this page will receive a small commission in the form of an advertising fee. There is no other connection to your Amazon account or to any of your activity there as affiliate links are only a point of entry to their website. When you purchase through an affiliate link you help to offset some of the costs that are associated with researching, writing, and maintaining this website.

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