Paying for Natural Treatments


While there are many natural/alternative cancer treatment modalities that work, no major insurance carriers will pay benefits that will cover these natural protocols. This leaves most families cause to dismiss alternative cancer treatments due to the costs involved. But there is one financial tool that many families may qualify for, but are unaware of.  Through a powerful but little-known Supreme Court decision in 1911, it was ruled that a person’s life insurance policy could legally be sold – even while the holder is still living and pay out a benefit that can be used for such care. 

Viatical settlements routinely provide 50% to 75% of the face value of a life insurance policy for the owner in cash.  The funds from your life insurance policy can be used for anything, including natural treatments, medical travel expenses, paying off your mortgage, or simply to provide dignity during crisis.

Amazingly, over 90% of all American life insurance policies remain unclaimed and this creates an immense windfall for the insurance companies. When disease strikes, many people mistakenly let their policies lapse through non-payment, thinking they can no longer afford to continue them. In a direct application for terminal or chronically ill patients, legally licensed financial services brokers can provide assistance to those who wish to cash out of their life insurance policies in order to pay for natural treatment protocols.


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