Basal Cell Carcinoma Healed with Essential Oils

A large basal cell carcinoma on the hand, picture taken in August of 2010.

Healing a large basal cell carcinoma with essential oils

Video Summary: The gentleman in the video below was diagnosed with a large basal cell carcinoma on his hand.  He began alternative treatments with the assistance of his friend, Misty Bell, who was familiar with essential oils and how to use them for healing.  He began by using Thyme Essential Oil to treat his hand.  He later switched to using Frankincense Essential Oil when it was discovered that this oil would be much more effective at treating his cancerous condition.

This treatment began in August of 2010 and continued until the cancer was fully healed.

The Details:  Misty instructed her friend to use 2 to 3 drops of Thyme Essential Oil which was mixed with olive oil. Thyme oil is considered a “hot oil” which can give the sensation of burning when applied to an open wound, this is why it must be thinned in a 1:1 ratio with a carrier oil.

The oil mixture was applied 2 to 3 times a day, and he was instructed to cover the entire area with a bandage and then wrap his hand with saran wrap to keep the area moist.  Misty observed that the wound smelled bad and there was a lot of tissue die-off reported during this time.

After 6 weeks of essential oil treatments:

Significant healing had taken place and new skin appeared to be forming nicely. It was at this time that they decided to switch to using 3 drops of Frankincense Essential Oil instead of the Thyme Oil.

After 4 months of using the oil.

After 4 months of using the oil.

The Frankincense Oil was applied 3 times per day, and was also mixed in a one to one ratio with olive oil. The wound was one covered with a bandage and wrapped with saran wrap to keep it moist.

Misty reports that the frankincense oil was much more effective for this situation as it was able to extract 5 more large areas of the cancer that had previously remained hidden below the skin’s surface.  This discovery extended the overall healing time as the tumors had to be drawn out and new skin had to form once again.

Misty also reports that the gentleman began rinsing and soaking his hand with alkaline water to help speed up the healing process.  You can make water alkaline by adding 1/2 tsp of natural baking soda to 1 gallon of water and then soaking the wound for a period of time. 


The gentleman also began drinking alkaline water a short while later and this became an overall part of his healing protocol.  You can find some recipes below on how to make alkaline water. 

after 7 months of essential oil to treat large basal cell carcinoma

After 7 months the wound is nearly healed.


It is important to note that you should use only use quality therapeutic grade essential oils if you are going to attempt this type of therapy. Take a look at DoTerra, Rocky Mountain Oils, or Mountain Rose Herbs, or other vendors that have a reputation of producing therapeutic grade oils.


This video depicts the removal of a large Basal Cell Carcinoma using a combination of essential oils


How to make alkaline drinking water

Alkaline water #1- take one gallon of water and add 1/2 tsp  Himalayan sea salt, the juice of 4 lemons or limes (and toss in the fruit too), 1 tbsp of raw, organic honey, and a pinch of organic stevia and  drink this throughout the day. Sea salt contains 82 trace minerals which can enhance this water with minerals.  Lemons and limes create an alkaline ash following their digestion.  Read more about acid/alkaline balance.

Alkaline water #2- another highly alkaline beverage can be made with 2 cups of filtered water, the juice of one lemon, 1/2 tsp of natural baking soda, and Stevia to taste.  Put all of the ingredients except for the baking soda into a large container and stir.  Add the baking soda last and do this slowly as this may foam up a bit, just continue to stir gently until it all settles down.  You should limit the sodium bicarbonate to 1 tsp per day, and only take this on an empty stomach as it will impede digestion.  Read more about sodium bicarbonate as there are precautions related to using this.

Alkaline water #3– adding Alkaline Booster Drops to your drinking water.

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