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Cellect – is a nutritional powder that has shown results with all forms of cancer and many other chronic diseases or terminal health issues.  It was developed by Fred Eichorn, who completed 4 years of Pre-Med, and then worked as a Bio-Chemist and as a Surgical Organ Transplant Researcher. More importantly, he also cured himself of pancreatic cancer back in 1976.  He says, “I personally had pancreatic cancer and was given 8 months to live. Meanwhile, I found that “cancer” is not a disease, instead, it is the body’s response to a nutritional deficiency.  Current treatments attack the symptoms, otherwise known as the result of the body being ill, instead of addressing the actual cause.   So modern medicine removes the evidence of the problem, but not the actual problem, and since they never corrected the cause, the body just continues to make more of those cells and eventually the patient will see their cancers return. When this happens doctors say, “Gee, it came back!” But it never really went away in the first place, they only temporarily removed the by-product (cancer), whether by surgery chemo or radiation.”

Fred Eichhorn

Fred Eichhorn

He says this about  the product that he developed, “with Cellect, we correct the body’s biochemistry and the environment to a level that is now correct for normal cells but is not conducive to the cancer cells, and therefore the cancer cells die off as a result.”

Cellect comes in 4 different flavors and is taken along with cod liver oil (the oil is included in the price). The powder is equivalent to taking 150 supplements in pill form, and was developed in order to make taking large amounts of supplements easier on the patient.  The powder form makes approximately 30 servings per container.  A maintenance dose for someone who does not have cancer is 1- 2 scoops per day.  Those with cancer should increase their daily dose and take 4 to 10 scoops per day depending upon their condition.  For cost: if you are taking only one scoop per day this therapy will cost approximately $100.00 per month. You can do the math to figure out what your monthly cost will be to cover the increase in dosages.  There is no need to take additional supplements when taking Cellect and it is recommended that people should follow an anti-cancer diet and exercise plan in addition to taking Cellect.

Fred also serves as the president of the National Cancer Research Foundation, which provides information to patients who follow his protocol.  Help is available from his foundation regardless of whether you purchase the powdered supplements through his website or if you buy them individually from another vendor.  His website provides a comparison chart to show the price savings when purchasing the powder form, yet he understands that sometimes people can find the over-the-counter vitamins on sale, or for whatever reason wish to purchase them separately.  He says that “his focus is to help you get on your feet again, and that this is a very powerful protocol which is why having telephone support is critical.”

The Cellect powder or supplements can be purchased online through his website with the link below.  Fred says that support is available almost all hours, and the organization will return all telephone calls and emails.  The National Cancer Research Foundation is a registered 501 (C) (3) not-for-profit organization.   For information on Cellect call (Toll Free) 1-877-CANCER FREE  (1-877-226-2373)

A news report on Fred Eichorn and Cellect mineral supplement that he developed


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Combine this therapy with a healing diet and lifestyle changes

Cancer is a wake up call which needs to be addressed on multiple fronts.   It is the result of an overly toxic body with an overwhelmed and collapsed immune system due to eating nutritionally depleted diets and poor lifestyle habits.   Research an anticancer diet, adding supplements, detoxing the body, and making lifestyle changes so you can address a cancerous situation with a multifaceted approach.

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