Oil Pulling

The benefits of oil pulling

Oil pulling is still a very relatively new healing concept in the U.S. but it has been practiced for a very long time in other countries including Europe, India and China and is part of the Ayurveda healing system which emphasizes both preventative and gentle healing therapies.

The theory behind oil pulling is that it works at the root cause of illness which is by addressing the over abundance of toxins that have accumulated in the system, more specifically by removing bacteria, fungus and other organisms from the mouth and the upper throat areas.

Additional benefits of oil pulling include:

  • overall strengthening of the teeth and gums
  • prevention of gingivitis
  • cavity prevention
  • elimination of bad breath
  • as a remedy for bleeding gums
  • to moisturize the mouth

Oil pulling should be done first thing in the morning before drinking any liquids. Put one tablespoon of coconut, olive, sunflower, or sesame oil (or whatever oil you prefer) into your mouth.  Swish the oil around without swallowing it, moving it through your teeth similar as one would do with a mouthwash.   Sometimes you may experience sore jaw muscles, just give your jaw a rest and use your tongue to move the liquid around the inside of your mouth for awhile.   If you have the urge to swallow or if the process becomes  too unpleasant, just spit out and start again.  The goal is to try and swish for 15-20 overall minutes.

At the end of the session, spit out the oil out and rinse the mouth with warm salt water (preferable sea salt). Salt water rinsing isn’t a necessity, but it can be soothing, and is an effective rinse to remove any additional toxins which may be left behind in the mouth.  Oil pulling can be done every morning, or several times a week.


A video demonstration of oil pulling


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