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Donald Yance and the Mederi Center

Donald Yance is a master herbalist and the founder of the Mederi Center. He developed what he calls the Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (or ETMS), which is a highly innovative practitioner’s guide that based on more than 20 years of clinical practice and study. This comprehensive approach to healing and wellness embraces botanical medicine while integrating principles that are essential to the management of cancer and other diseases using both traditional and modern medical systems.

Mederi offers personalized, integrative botanical and nutritional strategies to those with cancer and other chronic illnesses through face-to-face consults at the clinic  in Ashland, Oregon and as well as through virtual means such as teleconferencing and video-conference calls.

By documenting and compiling case studies and other clinical data, Mederi aims to demonstrate the efficacy of using both botanical and nutritional medicine to improve the health, lifespans, and quality of life for those who are suffering with cancer and other chronic diseases. Through this research Mederi has developed a world-class research database comprised of more than 2,000 articles and studies, totaling more than 25,000 pages that discuss the medicinal effects of herbs, nutritional agents, and specific botanical compounds, as well as pharmaceuticals, biomedical diagnostics, and biomedical disease classification. Mederi partners with medical institutions to conduct clinical trials that compare ETMS and conventional treatment of patients with cancer and other diseases.

Donnie discusses the therapies that are offered at the Mederi Clinic


Hollie Quinn shares her diagnosis of infiltrating ductal carcinoma and how she healed with the herbal therapies offered at the Mederi Clinic.


Link to the blog of Donnie Yance


Herbal Medicine, Healing & Cancer: A Comprehensive Program for Prevention and Treatment by Donnie Yance


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