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Using integrative approaches to cancer is the theme of the Oasis of Hope Hospital located in Tijuana, Mexico and Irvine, CA. The therapies offered include ozone autohemotherapy, laetrile treatments, the oxygen-carrier Perftec, high-dose biotin, salsalate, bicarbonate tumor alkalinization, and melatonin, which are can be employed in conjunction with conventional therapies (if the patient prefers).

Ultra-aggressive protocols that would likely induce severe side effects are avoided, which is in line with Oasis’ principle of “first do no harm.” For patients who have become resistant to chemo drugs,  a strategy is employed at Oasis known as epigenetic therapy which involves the administration of the drugs valproate and hydralazine which has the potential to re-establish treatment sensitivity to chemotherapy. Patients on the IRT-Q also receive several courses of intravenous vitamin C therapy, in an effort to kill more of the cancer cells with severe tumor-specific oxidative stress.

For patients who do not elect to have chemotherapy, or for whom chemotherapy would appear to be a poor option, the IRT-C protocol offers a more intense series of intravenous vitamin C sessions. Intravenous vitamin C therapy at Oasis is distinguished by novel adjunctive features such as ozone autohemotherapy and administration of Perftec, vitamin K and laetrile which are intended to boost tumor oxygenation and catalyze oxidant generation so as to maximize cancer cell death.

Patients with breast cancer may also elect to receive allogeneic lymphocyte immunotherapy, a novel strategy which has shown promising efficacy in recent studies and in initial clinical experience. The intent of this strategy is to optimally activate the body’s dendritic cells so that they, in turn, can activate the cytotoxic T lymphocytes and natural killer cells which are capable of attacking the cancer. This immunotherapy is given in the context of the IRT- C/I protocol, which includes sessions of vitamin C therapy and numerous alternative cancer treatments intended to support effective immune function.  Selected patients may choose a custom-tailored IRT-C/I regimen which also includes low-dose chemotherapy.


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Survival Statistics

cancer survival rates at oasis of hopeOasis offers a comprehensive website boasting impressive cancer survival statistics for stage 4 breast, lung, colorectal and ovarian cancers compared to statistics provided by Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Stage 4 statistics are given because that is when most cancer patients arrive at the Oasis of Hope Hospital.

Oasis of Hope Website

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