Lymphoma, Stage 3, Healed with Natural Therapies (Becky Gaw)

“First I will give all of the credit to the Lord! It is all possible thru Him. It was His will that has got me to where I am now!” Becky Gaw

Becky Gaw heals from stage 3 lymphoma with diet, juicing, herbal tinctures, and lifestyle changes

Becky Gaw

In July of 2011, Becky Gaw reports that she was having such severe back pain that she was taken to the emergency room.  Once there, doctors ran a battery of tests and found a mass in her lymph nodes and recommended that she make an appointment to be seen by an oncologist.  

Before that appointment was scheduled, Becky decided to meet with a holistic doctor who was recommended to her by a close friend.  Her husband says that he felt that this particular doctor was “a little too hocus pocus” for him and that his wife might not receive “real treatment”, but he decided to accompany her to the appointment anyways despite having these doubts. 

Becky reports that her naturopath used a Bio-Scan Device (which is an electro-vibrational device that tests for imbalances in the body) and told her that she had tumors in 3 areas of her body. One in her back, the second under her arm, and the third was located in her groin. 

Becky followed that appointment by going to the Karmanos Cancer Center in Detroit where the doctors performed a battery of tests.  While waiting for the results, Becky mentioned what her holistic doctor had said about the cancer being in 3 areas, and the conventional doctors just laughed and said “don’t you know that those guys are fake.” 

When the test results came back, it was discovered that Becky had one softball sized tumor in her back, a second golf ball sized tumor under her arm, but nothing was showing up in the groin area at the time.  However, just one month later Becky developed a third tumor in her groin area. The official  diagnosis was stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

The doctors recommended chemotherapy and radiation, but the couple went searching for a second opinion and additional treatment options.  Their search led them to the University of Michigan’s Comprehensive Cancer Center, and then to St. Josephs but the diagnosis and the recommendations were always the same.   Next they traveled to the Cancer Treatment Center of America located in Zion IL and decided they would only use their services to monitor Becky’s condition while they formulated a plan with their holistic doctor.

The natural therapies that Becky used to heal:

  1. Whole apricot tincture
  2. Hibiscus flower tincture
  3. Lapacho (pau d arco) tincture
  4. Vinca tincture
  5. Sanicle tincture
  6. Red clover tincture

About the tinctures:  The brand of tinctures that she used was called Pure Herbs, which was recommended by her naturopath because of the reasonable price and the quality of the product. (I am not affiliated with the company but I have provided for those wishing to learn more).  Becky did not eat for 1/2 hour before or after taking these tinctures. She also says that she found it easier to place all of the drops into a glass and then hold the liquid under her tongue for a few minutes so that it would absorb into the bloodstream.  After a few minutes the tincture was swallowed.

Around June of 2012, Becky received a positive report from her latest scans.  Her conventional doctor was impressed and said that she was having better success with her natural therapies than many of the patients who were being treated at the facility. By this point, Becky had been doing her natural therapies and following a strict diet for almost a year and she says she was feeling tired and stressed from all that the protocols entailed so she decided to take a break from the rigorous routine.  She soon found that she had completely fallen off of her schedule and within 3 months of stopping the therapies, a new scan revealed that the cancer had grown by 1 cm, and the SUV* of her scan went from 5.2 to  8.5.

*SUV stands for “standard uptake value” and is a measure that indicates how bright the tissue is on the scan and it is an indication of how much cellular activity is occurring in that particular area. This activity can represent various things, from inflammation to infection to cancer. There is no threshold SUV number that distinguishes cancer from inflammation or infection, but the higher the numbers (especially in the high single digits or more) is suggestive of having a cancer.

The conventional doctors wanted to do a surgical biopsy asap, but Becky and her husband decided to take their time and consult with their holistic doctor for second time.  After experiencing that health scare Becky was able to fully commit to her healing routine and by January of 2013 she was pronounced cancer free.

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