Thyroid Cancer Metastasized to Lymph and Lung; and Malignant Melanoma Healed With Gerson Therapy (Marcia Schaefer)

“Healing comes from within, and that the same power that made the body is the same power that would heal the body.  I knew nutrition has the ability to do the same – little did I know how true that would come to be.”  Marcia Schaefer

Marcia Shaefer heals from thyroid cancer and malignant melanoma with the Gerson protocol

marcia Schaefer

Marcia Schaefer

Marcia Schaefer says that 2010 began on a positive note.   She was married in February, received her degree in chiropractic care and later gave birth to her first child in August.  Although she says she was feeling fine at the time of his birth, her delivery nurse noticed that her thyroid gland appeared to be enlarged.

When Marcia took her son to the doctor for his 6-week checkup they also ran some tests on her that came back normal, however it was suggested that she make an appointment to see an endocrinologist to further investigate her thyroid gland. She says that she went to this appointment in December of 2010 and by then her neck was painful and swollen.  A needle biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of papillary thy­roid cancer.

In January of 2011, Marcia had a total thyroidectomy along with the removal of 30 lymph nodes from the left side of her neck. Of those, 26 tested positive for cancer. She also scheduled an appointment with a dermatologist in February, which confirmed a diagnosis of malignant mel­anoma. Another surgery was scheduled to remove the lesion.  In March, a CT scan of her neck and chest revealed an enlarged lymph node and a mass on her right lung.  A third surgery was scheduled, at which time surgeons removed 41 lymph nodes, and of those, 4 tested positive for cancer. The standard protocol at this point is to administer chemotherapy.

Marcia traveled to the Gerson Clinic to treat the cancer

During this time Marcia she says she began to juice fruits and vegetables as well as explore some alternative therapies.  She says that the nutritional aspects of using the Gerson therapy made the most sense to her, so in April of 2011, she traveled with her husband to the Gerson Clinic that is located in Mexico.  She reports about her experience there.  “We were warmly welcomed. The other people regaining their health were open and willing to share their diagno­sis and what they had been doing up to this time. The knowledge and peace I received as a patient at the clinic will stay with me my entire life.”

The therapy begins by going to the Gerson Clinic for a two or three week stay to learn all aspects of using the diet therapy, then patients are sent home to incorporate the dietary and detoxification protocols on their own.  Marcia says that she was able to fall into a routine that worked well for her. Twice a week she purchased 25 pounds of carrots which she would clean and chop to make her daily supply of fresh juices, along with the vegetables that she would need to make fresh salads as well as the Hippocrates Soup that is part of the healing diet plan. Her routine also included 5 coffee enemas per day in order to detoxify her liver.  As her healing progressed, she was able to cut down on those which helped to free up more of her time.

It can take from 18 months to 3 years to totally restore health using the Gerson Therapy.  Marcia reports that the mass that was located in her lung is gone now and that she continues to remain cancer free. She says, “All the people that I met at the Gerson clinic are alive and well, including me. A humbling realization…..Cancer is not a fight….. we all have it. Strong immune systems keep it under control.  Correct the system and cancer goes back to normal. Create an environment that is alkaline and cancer can not thrive.”  Marcia continues to practice chiropractic care and has also  taught some classes on using nutrition for health at a local health food store and is known locally as an advocate for alternative healing.

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