Prostate Cancer, Healing with Gerson Therapy (William Holman)

William Holman heals from prostate cancer with the Gerson Protocol


william Holman

William Holman


A nodule was found on William Holman’s prostate during a routine health exam in 2007. He then had a biopsy which confirmed that he had cancer on 1/2 of his prostate. Doctors wanted to do surgery to remove the prostate or use radiation therapy, but they couldn’t guarantee that he would be cancer free following the treatments.

Following the biopsy, William spoke to his friend Allison who had used Gerson Therapy 25 years earlier to heal her own cancer.  She told him that it was a rigorous therapy to follow, and after listening to the details William thought that he wouldn’t be able to do all that was required to follow it.  So he bought some books on alternative healing instead and then did a juice fast, which was followed by changing his diet and taking supplements.  He also had cryotherapy, a treatment in which doctors froze half of his prostate in order to kill the cancerous cells. He says that it took him many months to recover from having this procedure.  His doctors sent him home saying he should  “continue living as if nothing had happened.”

Then four years later, in 2011, William had another biopsy and his doctors found cancer on the other side of his prostate. They said they would not be able to do surgery due to the scar tissue that was left behind from the previous cryotherapy treatments, but that they could do radiation, and proceeded to tell him about it. William says, “the side effects from the radiation that they described to me sounded horrible. My doctors told me I would be incontinent and need to wear diapers for the rest of my life, and that there was a good chance that I would develop intestinal cancer in five years. So I decided not to pursue that route.”

William says that he contacted his friend Allison again and asked “what are the chances the Gerson Therapy would help me? She said that she could guarantee that it could help, and she had full confidence I would get well.”

William reports that it was around this same time that his daughter got married, and soon after that her husband discovered that he had stage IV melanoma. He was told that his only option was an experimental treatment, and he died a few days after starting treatment from a heart attack. William says that this tragic event clinched his decision to pursue the Gerson Therapy.

His daughter bought him a copy of  Healing the Gerson Way: Defeating Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases, and he says that the book became like a Bible to him.  In March of 2011, he started doing coffee enemas, he borrowed a juicer from a friend and began to make the healing juices, and did as much of the therapy as he could from home.  Then in July of 2011, he went to the Gerson clinic in Mexico to learn the therapy first hand.

Two weeks later he started doing the full therapy at his home which included 5 daily enemas, drinking 13 juices, eating 3 organic meals a day, and a  castor oil enema every other day.  He says he experienced several healing reactions (which is common with Gerson) they included severe depression, self-doubt, mood swings and self-pity, but they all passed. His body also released toxins in the form of blemishes on his face and chest, and swelling and knots in my his breast. He used clay packs for a month until those went away.  He says that every time he had a healing reaction he would celebrate.

After one year of the therapy he reduced his protocol to only 3 enemas, 9 juices, and a castor oil enema every week.  He also hired a woman who used to cook at Whole Foods to help him with grocery shopping, making juices, and meal preparation.  Bill’s wife also provided emotional and mental support. She was his caregiver at the Gerson clinic and has kept him going with the juicing routine and supplements.  She has also adopted the Gerson lifestyle.  William says that his family practitioner also supports what he is doing, and he keeps in contact with the Gerson Clinic.

William weighed 220 pounds when he started the therapy.  He is now a healthier 168 and he intends to stay on the diet for the rest of his life.   He says, “I am 100% sold on it one year in. It has become a life journey. I didn’t realize my life would change so much. The cancer is sort of secondary; changing your life is what it is truly all about. It is about healing my whole body, which will give me 10 or 15 more years of life. I think of it as an AA program for your health. Once you get into it you can never go back.   This is a gift from God. I just wish more people knew about it.”

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