Uterine Cancer, Stage 4, Healed with Whole Food Nutrition (Dr Marilyn Joyce)

“According to the American Cancer Society 65% and upwards of all cancers are directly related to diet and lifestyle. Degenerative illnesses are all healed by changes to your diet and lifestyle.  You can cut, poison, and burn the tumor all you want, but if you don’t change the underlying condition, it will come back.” Dr. Marilyn Joyce

Dr Marilyn Joyce heals from stage 4 uterine cancer with whole foods nutrition

Dr Marilyn Joyce

In 1985, at the age of 35, Marilyn Joyce was diagnosed with melanoma. She received treatments and just one week after getting out of the hospital she found herself doubled over in pain.  Subsequent testing confirmed that she also had stage 4 uterine cancer.  Her great aunt had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer just 2 years earlier and then passed away within 2 months of that diagnosis, so basically Marilyn felt as if she had been handed a death sentence.

Marilyn had chemotherapy but says that it made her so ill that she stopped the treatments after just 3 months to look for alternative therapies. Some of those included taking various supplements, drinking green juices, and having injections of 714x, but nothing offered her a long-term cure as she continually went in and out of remission.

By 1989, she weighed only 88 pounds and was so weak that she was forced to use a wheelchair.   She hadn’t been able eat solid food for about a month and says that she was so ill by that time that she could only suck on ice chips.  Her doctor then informed her that she only had a week or two to left to live. She says that she was exhausted by then and ready to leave the earth, but her daughter was trying very hard to keep her going.  While on an outing for the day, they happened to come upon a vitamix blender demonstration at which time Marilyn was given a small sample of a cantaloupe smoothie that had been made with the seeds and flesh of the melon, and to her surprise she was able to keep it down.

Marilyn had been trained as a registered dietician and says that this demonstration reignited her understanding that nutrient-dense, whole foods have the ability to deliver essential nutrients into the body at their most basic form. The cantaloupe smoothies were abundant in vitamins A, B, and C, and by including the seeds in the mixture she was also receiving some fat and protein content.  She says that she continued to drink smoothies made with cantaloupe flesh and seeds and that she began to feel much better within a month.  A few months later, she says that she had reached a healing plateau so she began adding a variety of vegetables into the Vitamix which she made into soups and smoothies.  Soon she was feeling energetic enough to give up the wheelchair, and as her diet continued to expand she added more whole foods, whole grains (not breads or pastas), and legumes to her meal planning,  but her diet remained vegetarian.  Just one year after beginning her new diet she had fully recovered from the cancer.  The only supplement that Marilyn mentions in her writings is Juice Plus, which is a food-based nutritional supplement.

She says this about the whole foods diet and some other therapies to consider: “What I’ve found is that most people live on expensive foods – they go out and buy all kinds of processed, packaged foods, as well as consuming questionable restaurant meals. And, believe me, these foods are expensive in every aspect of the word. Not only for your pocket book, but also challenging (expensive) for your body’s digestive system. Absorption and assimilation are compromised due to the questionable nature of the foods consumed, making it difficult for your body to derive the necessary nutrition and life force elements to function optimally.  Add to that, the sedentary lifestyle most of us embrace, and the long-term potentially detrimental effects of such a lifestyle, and it becomes apparent that the results can be extremely challenging to our wallets in healthcare costs, alone! For most of us, these negative lifestyle factors are a way of life, so it amazes me when people wonder why they are tired, and why they get sick.  The answer is simple! We, as a population, need to rediscover back-to-basics eating – whole food nutrition – eating food that looks the way it does as it grows out of the ground or on the tree. If it is fish or meat it needs to be free range, with no antibiotics or hormones. And then add to that, whole body living – consistent exercise, relaxation, spiritual time, family and community involvement, healthy optimistic self-talk and an attitude of internal gratitude for all of the good things in life!”


Marilyn Joyce shares details of her diagnosis and healing from uterine cancer


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