Uterine Cancer, Stage 4, Healed with a Raw Vegan Diet and Detox Therapies (Peg Harvey)

Peg Harvey heals from stage 4 uterine cancer with a raw vegan diet and detoxing therapies

In 2008, Peg Harvey was diagnosed with uterine cancer. She went through standard treatments that included surgery, followed by 25 rounds of radiation.  After having these procedures, she asked her doctor what she should do next. He replied that she should keep on living her life as normal, following the same diet and lifestyle routines as she had before.

Peg Harvey

Just 16 months later, Peg discovered that the cancer had metastasized to her lungs and she had multiple large tumors.  Surgery was out of the question due to the size and extent of the tumors, and radiation treatments would only destroy her lung capacity.  Chemotherapy was also considered, but she was told that it would only extend her life by an additional 4 months and would only make her very ill during that time.  Doctors then told her that she had about 9 to 18 months left to live.

Peg asked a couple of doctors if there was anything else that she could do on her own.  The first doctor answered that exercise might be helpful for her. A second doctor recommended that she go and live her life joyfully, but he cautioned her against going to any clinics in Mexico for alternative treatments.  Peg went home and crawled into bed and didn’t come out for 6 days.

On the 6th day, Peg emerged from her room and went to church and asked her fellow parishioners to pray for her. Following church, Peg and her husband strolled through a nearby farmer’s market and happened upon a vendor selling powdered wheatgrass supplements. Peg wasn’t interested in the wheatgrass, but a book on the vendor’s table caught her eye that was titled How I Conquered Cancer Naturally by Eydie Mae Hunsberger.  As Peg was studying the book, the vendor looked directly at her and said “If I had a serious health condition I would get myself over to the Optimum Health Institute  in San Diego.”    Peg felt in her heart that this message was divine intervention.

One week later she arrived at the institute with her husband.   OHI offers a workshop-style atmosphere and she took part in their scholarship program that allows participants to receive discounted rates while volunteering their services,  this allowed her to stay at the institute for an extended period of time at a reasonable rate.

The therapies that Peg used included:

  • Eating a 100% raw vegan diet that was locally and organically grown. Foods consist of vegetables (this diet does not include fruit or high sugar vegetables such as beets or carrots when a patient is healing from cancer).
  • Three days per week patients are given a 36 ounce juice fast to allow the digestive system to rest and the body to replenish and heal.
  • The only other beverages allowed are water and rejuvelac which is a probiotic beverage made from fermented grains.
  • Detox therapies include warm water enema therapies that are followed by a 4 oz wheatgrass rectal implant (this is done to replenish the healthy bacteria that was washed away by the enema).
  • Additional therapies included chiropractic care and lymphatic massage.
  • This program also included therapies to build the mind/body connection and included positive self-talk, expressing daily gratitude, spirituality, prayer, and mediation.

After 7 weeks on the program, scans revealed that the largest tumor was gone and the second largest had reduced to 1/3 of its original size.  12 weeks later she had another scan and the terminal cancer was completely gone.   Peg now follows a similar diet but she includes about 20% cooked foods and no animal proteins.


Listen to Peg and Dr Judy Seeger as she shares her experience with cancer    Listen to an interview with Peg as she shares how she healed from cancer


Peg shares her diagnosis and healing part 1


Part 2 of Peg’s speech.


The Optimum Health Institute

Is a healing ministry offered through the Free Sacred Trinity Church, which promotes healing through the use of non-medical, all-natural, holistic healing practices. Currently there are 2 centers, one located in central Texas and the other in southern California. People of all spiritual traditions are welcome to participate in the holistic healing programs that emphasizes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The minimum stay is one week, but the full program lasts for 21-days, and there are classes and activities which are taught in 3 one-week segments. Because it is a non-profit organization, the cost is reasonable compared to other facilities.  OHI also offers a scholarship program for those facing financial hardship.The scholarship offers financial assistance to people who wish to complete the entire OHI holistic healing program in 3 consecutive weeks to address a health opportunity that is life-threatening, the scholarship will cover tuition for weeks 2 and 3. OHI also offers a ministry program where people can elect to stay longer to immerse themselves in the program and become facilitators.

The three week-long programs are designed to address the following:

  • Week 1: Focuses on the connection between the body, mind, and spirit
  • Week 2: Discover tools to help you make healthier choices
  • Week 3: Learn how to take the program home with you.

The core healing principles addressed at the institute are:

Detoxification therapies:

  • Wheatgrass juice to cleanse cells and purify blood
  • 3 days of juice fast per week to allow the body to rest and repair
  • Enemas and wheatgrass implants to cleanse and replenish the bacteria of the colon
  • Gentle exercise to cleanse the lymphatic system

Dietary protocols:

  • raw vegan diet
  • foods are served raw so they contain their natural enzymes.
  • are certified-organically grown
  • they contain no sugar
  • no fruits or highly-glycemic vegetables such as beets or carrots are allowed as they are easily converted into glucose by the body (sugar feeds cancer).

Learning to quiet the mind and renew the spirit:

  • meditation, positive messaging, and prayer

Hands-on classes:

  • teach you how incorporate your new lifestyle at home
  • learn to properly combine foods to optimize digestion
  • learn to soak and sprout nuts, seeds, and grains
  • learn the art of fermenting foods to improve digestion
  • learn how to dehydrate foods

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  How I Conquered Cancer Naturally

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