Rife Frequency Generators

Who was Royal Raymond Rife?

Royal Rife (1888- 1971) was a scientist who developed many technologies that are still in use today in the fields of optics, electronics, radio-chemistry, biochemistry, ballistics and aviation. He was the inventor of the universal microscope that allowed him to be the first person to ever view a live virus.

During the 66 years that Rife was designing and building medical instruments he was working for Zeiss Optics, the U.S. Government and several private benefactors.

The microbial theory of cancer

Was first theorized back in 1890 by Dr. William Russell (1852-1940), when he discovered that there are microbes both inside and outside of cancer cells.  The cancer microbe theory was studied further during the early 1900s and they were found to be highly pleomorphic (able to alter shape and size in response to environmental conditions). Many years later, another microbiologist by the name of Gaston Naessens counted 16 different sizes and shapes of the cancer microbe and said that these differences were based on the varying pH readings that were noted inside of the cancerous cell.

In the 1930’s, Royal Rife built a remarkably sophisticated microscope and he was able to identify additional microbes that he called Cryptocides primordiales -which is an extremely small virus that he was able to grow in culture. He theorized that this virus was the cause of all cancers and went on to create 400 tumors in succession with laboratory animals.

His next scientific breakthrough was in the development of a harmonic frequency generator that he said had the ability to penetrate into the cell membrane and kill the microbes that existed inside of them.   Once the microbes were killed, the cancerous cell had the ability to revert back into a normal cell.  Every experiment that Rife performed was documented with film, photographs, and through meticulous record-keeping. But rather than winning a Nobel Prize for his discoveries, Dr. Rife’s laboratory and inventory were destroyed by the combined efforts of the Food and Drug Administration  and the American Medical Association as has happened to many other pioneers in cancer research that dared to stray outside of the realm of conventional cancer theories.

Rife Frequency Devices have been replicated using modern technology and can be found online through various vendors.

Various protocols using the Rife Generator.

  1. Use the rife generator for 4 hours every day.  This is done in two, 2-hour sessions with one or more hours to rest in between the sessions.
  2. Use the generator for 4 hours every other day- this includes the hour or two of rest between the sessions as mentioned in line 1.
  3. Use the generator for three hours every day with a one hour rest after the first hour.
  4. It important to build yourself up to the full length of time in a gradual fashion to avoid a severe microbial die-off reaction.  (Herxheimer Reaction)
  5. Drink lots of pure water with added fresh lemon when doing this therapy to help to flush the accumulating toxins from the system.
  6. This protocol can be combined with the following protocols:  aloe arboresenceessiac tea, and following an anti-cancer diet.

A testimonial of using a frequency generator for lung cancer-   Patricia Sanders was in the final stages of lung cancer. She says, “My oncologist told me on December 22, 1999 that he would never have believed that I would be alive to see the millennium.”  She tried chemotherapy, but it did not help. Then, while in the hospital, Patricia started using an alternative technology that uses light and sound at different frequencies to destroy cancer cells.  Researcher Lynn Kenny believes it was the cure. She says, “Whether you have a virus, bacteria, or fungus, they all have at least one or more specific living frequencies, and if you apply that energy frequency them you can destroy it.”  Patricia says after using this treatment, she felt stronger almost immediately. “The best example I can give is like matter breaking away from the walls of my lungs,” she says.  Patricia says her chest X-rays surprised even her own doctors. Patricia says, “I believe strongly that’s why I’m here today.”

The treatment that Patricia used for her lung cancer is based on the same technology that was developed more than 60 years ago by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. In 1934, scientists at the University of Southern California tested Rife’s light and sound frequency generators on 16 patients with terminal cancer. After four months, the researchers claimed that all 16 had been cured.

A documentary on the work of Royal Rife

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