Ovarian Cancer Healed with Natural Therapies (Evita Ramparte)

“If you are diagnosed with cancer you need to change. You need to do something so radically different that you’ve never done before so that your condition will change.” Evita Ramparte

Evita Ramparte heals from ovarian cancer with diet changes and detoxing protocols

It was January of 2000 when Evita Ramparte found out that she had ovarian cancer. She was in her mid twenties and living in Poland at that time, and says that much of the food that she was consuming was processed- very similar to that of the standard American diet. She was overweight, felt chronically depressed, and was suffering from severe acne. She says that she knew nothing about nutrition or that eating toxic foods could have such a negative effect on her body.

Evita’s journey began when she had a chance meeting with a spiritual healer who recognized that she was very ill and recommended that she make an appointment with her gynecologist. This healer also gave her information on various detox protocols that she could begin doing right away, these included juice fasting, coffee enemas, and liver cleansing routines.

Evita Ramparte- Ovarian Cancer

When Evita went in for that checkup a few days later she was given an ultrasound.  She says that the doctors could not locate her ovaries because they were so distorted with cancerous growths which she describes as looking like cauliflower.  Following that appointment Evita started doing the detoxing recommendations that had been given to her by the spiritual healer.

She set aside 3 days for intensive cleansing that included several coffee enemas, juice fasting, as well as a cleanse for her liver and gallbladder (liver and gallbladder flush), and reports that by the third day she had released many gallstones.  She says that she felt mentally clearer, she had more energy, her acne started to clear up, and she had lost 7 pounds.

She also began reading more about nutrition and decided to radically change her diet to eliminate all sugar, meat, eggs, dairy, and processed foods and began eating foods that were grown organically and then made the decision to begin eating a totally raw vegan diet.  After a few days she says that she no longer craved sugar or the foods from her old diet but she was craving fresh fruits and vegetables instead.

Four days after making these dietary changes, Evita had her second appointment with her doctors at which time she was given the official diagnosis of ovarian cancer.  Doctors immediately wanted to schedule surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiation, but Evita said that she wanted to give herself at least 4 months to continue on with the natural therapies that she had started because she had made the realization that her diet and lifestyle were directly related to why she had developed cancer in the first place.  Additionally, she says that she was feeling much better than she had in years.

Before her diagnosis Evita says that she was involved in a toxic marriage that left her with strong feelings of anger, guilt, self-hate, and shame.   So much so, that when she shared her diagnosis with her husband he was dismissive of her. Evita quickly realized that if he was not there for at this point in her life, that he would not be there for her if she actually became much sicker and so she made the decision to file for a divorce.  She later became a news reporter which she said was something that she had always wanted to do.

By the time that her 4-month appointment came along, Evita had completely transformed her life. She had lost over 54 pounds and was looking and feeling fantastic, but the most exciting news of all was that her scans revealed that she was completely cancer free.  Since that time she has given birth to a child and has been trained in clinical nutrition and energy healing.

Evita is now a health coach and is the author of two books, titled How to Cleanse in 7 Days: Be Sexy & Gorgeous from the Inside Out! and The Bliss of Cancer: How I Cured Cancer Naturally, Lost Weight, And Turned My Life Around. that details how transformative her experience with cancer truly was.


Evita shares the therapies that she used to heal from ovarian cancer


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How to Cleanse in 7 Days: Be Sexy & Gorgeous from the Inside Out!

  The Bliss of Cancer: How I Cured Cancer Naturally, Lost Weight, And Turned My Life Around.



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