Testicular Cancer Healed with Natural Therapies (Jeffrey Williams)

Jeffrey Williams heals from stage 3 testicular cancer with diet, supplements and lifestyle changes

Jeffrey Williams was diagnosed with stage 3 testicular cancer on Feb 25, 2009. He had surgery the following day to remove the cancerous tumor, but then a follow up scan revealed that a second tumor was located in his abdomen measuring approximately 7 x 4 inches.  At that time he was given only 2-6 months to live and his family feared that he would not live to see his triplets born later that year.

Doctors had been pressuring Jeffrey to do chemotherapy since his surgery, but he says that he decided against it as they told him that he was going to die anyways. This decision was met with very strong opposition and he reports that the doctors began raising their voices at him, almost yelling, saying that chemo was the only chance he had at extending his life.  He says that doctor began calling his home day and night to tell his wife that she would be raising her children alone unless Jeffrey followed their protocols.  Undeterred Jeffrey chose to research various alternative therapies and began to implement them right away. His plan was to attack the cancer on every front and do everything he could afford to do in order to beat it.

The Therapies that Jeffrey Used:  

His results:

Jeffrey continued to have CT scans to check on his progress, but he says that his doctors remained bitter about his decision not to do chemo. He even claims that they began lying to him about his test results, not wanting him to know that his tumor was shrinking.  When Jeffrey called them out on this fact, the doctors began withholding the test the results altogether. This disturbing situation was eventually resolved after he complained to the hospital administration but he says that further reports from his doctors continued to be conflicting in nature regarding the state of his tumor.

Nine months after his original diagnosis Jeffrey consulted with a naturopathic physician who said that the plan that he had developed was fantastic and that he should continue on with it, although she did ask that he include some wild-caught fish into his diet plan to help him regain some of the weight that he had lost. She also requested that he have his tumor biopsied. Up until that point all of the doctors that Jeffrey had consulted with had refused to biopsy his tumor.  He searched the phone book and could only find one doctor who was willing to perform the procedure, and miraculously, the results of that biopsy confirmed that his tumor was made up of 100% dead tissue.  On April 20th, 2010, Jeffrey had a 9.5 hour surgery which removed the dead tumor at a hospital in Cleveland.  Since that time he has had yearly CT scans that continue to confirm that he is still cancer free.  Shared by Jeffrey Williams, March 2013.

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