Thyroid Cancer, Metastasized to Lymph Nodes Healed with Natural Therapies (Suzy Griswold)

“I knew the gravity of the disease and the ugliness of the treatment. Cancer in our family has always led to mortality (my mother, my aunts, my uncles, my first cousins, my grandmother, grandfather and great grandmother) all suffering through chemotherapy, radiation and extensive surgeries.  10 out of my 12 family members died of cancer.  That was not going to be me… so began my journey of discovery.”  Suzy Griswold

Suzy Griswold heals from thyroid cancer that had metastasized to her lymph nodes with a plant based diet and detoxing protocols

Suzy was on her way to have surgery for a completely different health issue when she found out that she had thyroid cancer.  She says, “At that time, I trusted my medical care to multiple doctors and subsequently took many prescription drugs for various health issues that included insomnia, neck tremors, thyroid disease, fibroid tumors.” She adds thatCancer in the thyroid gland was supposed to be a piece of cake.  I was told many times by my healthcare providers that if you are going to get cancer, thyroid cancer is the one cancer to get.  But after going through surgery and radiation, my next PET scan revealed that 3 of my lymph glands were still cancerous.  Discussions like: “radical neck dissection, plucking the lymph nodes “one by one,” combination chemotherapy, and more radiation were all possibilities in my future… and the doctors seemed to be o.k. with that.”  She went for a second opinion at a renowned cancer center in Houston, but they only confirmed that her cancer was still very active and that further treatments were needed.

One day a friend sent Suzy a copy of the bookKnockout: Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer–And How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place, written by Suzanne Somers, which she says opened her eyes to using alternative methods for healing cancer. The more she read, the more she was convinced that cancer is not what it seems, and that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves.

The natural therapies that Suzy used to heal from thyroid cancer: 

  • She says that she made the decision to radically change to a plant-based, vegan diet.
  • She included juicing fresh vegetables along with a limited amount of fruits. She primarily juiced carrots and green apples, along with mixed greens such as kale, and would drink a glass of this juice 8-10 times per day, everyday.
  • She also used various detoxing protocols.
  • Listened to scriptures of healing messages.

She offers this message to those battling the disease. “My hope is that you will take your time.  Remember, our cancer didn’t just show up, it took years.  Take the time you need to learn more and make an informed decision. Read the books, watch the DVD’s and research for yourself.  Your journey to healing can be the best days of your life ahead.”

Suzy is the founder of Healing Strong.

Suzy has found her passion in helping others by founding an organization called Healing Strong.  This is a community-based grassroots movement that is working in various communities throughout the US to bring more attention to the use of non-toxic therapies for treating cancer and bringing hope to patients who are suffering with the disease who are for an alternate way forward.  She says that she is motivated by her faith and continues to be inspired by the work of the late Dr. Max Gerson. She says that she is healthier today than she has been in many years and that scans confirm that she remains cancer-free.


Suzy’s recommended reading:

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