Breast Cancer Healed with Surgery and Alternative Therapies (Hayley Mills)

“It doesn’t make sense that there is only one way of dealing with cancer.”  Hayley Mills

Hayley Mills heals from breast cancer with natural therapies

Hayley mills breast cancer

Hayley Mills

It was in 2008 when actress Hayley Mills found out that she had breast cancer.  She says that her world was rocked by the diagnosis but that she was determined to beat the cancer.  Her doctors recommended that she have surgery followed by chemotherapy. She agreed to follow their recommendations, but she says that nothing could have prepared her for the terrible side-effects of chemotherapy.  After having only three sessions she decided to quit the treatment altogether and try something else.

She says that the chemotherapy made her feel awful, and that she was more frightened of it than she was of the cancer itself.   She says, “I thought, how can I fight something if I feel so ghastly? It was about the quality of my life.” Realizing that she need to come up with an alternative to the harsh treatments, she researched and then radically changed her diet by eliminating all sugars, dairy products, and foods that are highly acidic (this includes dairy, meats, grains, processed foods, fast foods), which she says would feed the cancer, not promote a state of healing.

She then added more fresh fruits and vegetables which are the most nutrient dense foods that you can eat and have the added benefit of having an alkalizing effect on the body.  She also began an exercise program, learned how to meditate, and to better manage her emotion life. She adds, “I always say that a tremendous amount of healing is in your own hands… What you can do to boost your immune system and what you can do to keep your mind, body and soul healthy and positive is important.”

She confesses that it took awhile to calm her fears and concerns about her career.  “There have been times, long periods, when I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing, didn’t know that I was good, and have been full of doubt.  In my life, things have happened to me. I’ve never felt I was controlling anything.  We like to think we’re controlling things but we aren’t – we just have to deal with what life hands us.”

It has been eight years since her diagnosis and she remains cancer free

She says.  “There are some fantastic, brilliant alternative doctors out there. It doesn’t make sense that there is only one way of dealing with cancer.  She is also careful to stress that her decisions were personal and that what worked for her might not suit all cancer patients.  Hayley says: “It’s a big decision. Most other routes are not endorsed – they offer surgery and chemo and radiotherapy and that’s it.  When you step off that, you’re on your own because all those other things, they’d just say were a waste of time.  So you have to decide what route you’re going to take and be prepared to find something you can believe in 100%.  If that’s chemotherapy, then do it, and don’t be afraid. Be supportive mentally. Visualize things going in there and killing off all of the cancer.”

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Cancer is a wake up call which needs to be addressed on multiple fronts.  It is the result of an overly toxic body with an overwhelmed and collapsed immune system due to eating nutritionally depleted diets, exposure to toxins, and having poor lifestyle habits. Research an anticancer diet, adding supplements, detoxing the body, and making lifestyle changes so you can address a cancerous situation with a multifaceted approach.


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