Colon Cancer, Stage 3, Healed with a Raw Vegan Diet (Chris Wark)

“The body is intelligently designed by God to heal itself.  When you cut yourself what happens?  You get a scab and your body heals that cut.  When you have cancer, that is an internal systemic disease. It is a combination of dysfunctions that results in the development of cancer.   It’s more complicated, and it is difficult for the body to heal, but when the body produces cancerous cells and tumors, that is the bodies attempt to heal itself.  It is actually in the healing process, but it needs very special attention; it needs nutrients, it needs to detoxify, and it is a wake up call for you to change your life.” Chris Wark

Chris Wark heals stage 3 colon cancer with diet, juicing and supplements

Chris Wark

Chris Wark was only 26 years old went he went to the doctor with severe stomach pains and it was discovered that he had a golf ball sized tumor growing in his colon.  Chris was immediately scheduled for surgery and doctors removed 1/3 of his large intestine, and it was discovered during that procedure that the cancer had also spread into his lymph nodes.   Stage 3C colon cancer was the diagnosis.

Chris says that he grew up in the era of eating lots of fast foods and processed foods and that his dietary habits played a major role in the development of the cancer. Following the surgery Chris reports that the first meal he received in the hospital was a sloppy joe sandwich and says that he couldn’t believe that this was an acceptable meal for someone who just had 1/3 of his intestine removed.  When he asked his surgeon what type of diet he should be eating, the surgeon replied,  “Just don’t lift anything heavier than a beer.”  Both of these raised red flags for Chris as even could see that his unhealthy diet had played a direct role in the development of the cancer.

Because the cancer had spread into his lymph system the doctors prescribed 9 months of chemotherapy that his doctors said would give him a 60% chance of living for an additional 5 years.  After researching this statistic further, Chris said that the survival rate he was given by the oncologist was wrong as stage 3 colon cancer only has a 30% chance of 5 year survival when using conventional therapies.  Chris was very concerned with this information and says that “poisoning my way back to health just didn’t make sense to me.”  He knew that he was already dealing with a sick body and he didn’t want to make his situation any worse.  He asked if there were any alternatives to having chemotherapy and his doctor replied that there were none, and he added,  “If you don’t do the chemotherapy you are insane.”

Chris and his wife went home and began praying to God for guidance, specifically asking that if there was an alternative to doing the chemotherapy that it be revealed to them.  Chris says that about a week later he found a package on his doorstep.  It was a book that had been sent to him all the way from Alaska from a friend of his fathers. Chris says that he never met the man who sent it, but said that this unexpected gift put him on a natural path towards healing. The book was God’s Way to Ultimate Health: A Common Sense Guide for Eliminating Sickness Through Nutrition, written by George Malkmus, who coincidentally was also diagnosed with colon cancer as a young man and healed it over 40 years ago by switching to a raw vegan diet and by incorporating a juicing protocol.   Chris said it became clear to him that his diet and lifestyle had played a role in the development of his cancer, and this knowledge empowered him to reverse the situation by overdosing on nutrition instead of having chemotherapy.

  Chris Wark’s healing diet and lifestyle protocol:

  • For 90 days he ate a completely raw vegan diet.  After those 90 days he did add a small amount of wild caught salmon and organic chicken back into his diet order to gain some weight back, per the advice of his clinical nutritionist.
  • Every morning he made 64 oz of fresh juice which would last him throughout the day. He stored this juice in mason jars in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and drank 12-16 oz at a time: early morning, mid-morning, lunchtime, afternoon, dinnertime, and before bed. He juiced mostly carrots, along with celery, beets, and ginger.
  • He ate a giant cancer fighting salad for lunch and dinner everyday that was made with broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprouts, garlic, red peppers, onions, mushrooms, and spinach, topped off with sauerkraut, nuts and seeds, and a homemade olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing
  • He drank a cancer-fighting fruit smoothie everyday made from frozen bananas, frozen berries, whole coconut, and Organic Amla Fruit Powder.
  • He took herbs that were prescribed by his nutritionist to help detoxify his liver, address candida overgrowth, clear the body of parasites and to build up his immune system.
  • He took a variety of supplements to address his nutritional deficiencies.
  • He used an Aloe Vera Supplement to help to heal his colon and help with digestion.
  • He was given weekly  IV vitamin C.
  • He began an exercise routine that included jumping on a Mini Trampoline and running
  • Used Sauna Therapy for detoxing
  • Chris turned to his faith for support.  He says that cancer was a divine tap on the shoulder and was the best thing that happened to him.
  • Chris realized that he had been harboring many negative emotions that included jealousy and anger.  He says that he had always been a very negative and judgmental person and that he needed to release all of that baggage that he had been carrying with him.   Chris says that negative emotions and stress will shut down your immune system and slowly destroy your health.
  • He also realized that he needed to forgive others and let the hurts from the past go. In order to do this he turned all of those negative feelings over to God and he was able to release those feelings of anger and hurt and move forward.  One way to do this is to say “I forgive you (name) and I am letting these negative feelings go,” another is by offering silent blessings to those who have harmed you.
  • Chris no longer eats a raw vegan diet but he does eat a diet similar to Dr McDougall’s low-fat/low-protein/high plant starch diet. 


Chris Wark shares the therapies that he used to heal from colon cancer


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