Breast Cancer Healed with Black Salve and Essiac Tea (Di Georgiou)


“Thinking back, I don’t regret having cancer. If anything, it has enriched my life and made me into a much stronger person. Not only have I learned so much about myself, but I have met some wonderful people traveling on a very similar journey as my own. It’s a shame that life is only put into perspective when something drastic happens.   This is when you really look at the world and realize that  the TV sitcoms, purchasing unnecessary clothes, and having the latest technology are no longer important.  What I have found to be most important is having people around you that really matter, and most of all, having your health and living life to the best of your capability!” Di Georgiou

Di Georgiou heals from breast cancer with black salve and essiac tea

Di Georgiou

This is my story, although it is not unique because there have been many people who have cured themselves of serious diseases using natural therapies. I first found a lump in my left breast in October of 2010.  I went to see a doctor in early November and had a mammogram and ultra sound that confirmed that I had 2 tumors in my left breast and a small tumor in my right. Two of my blood tests were a bit higher than they should have been but the doctor told me it was nothing to worry about.   I reminded him about my family history of breast cancer and he said I could get a 2nd opinion if I wished.

We were a little frustrated by this. It would have been good to have official medical confirmation but it didn’t deter us from exploring on our own.   In the mean time,  I knew what I was going to do. I work as a diet and nutritional adviser and I have been researching natural therapies for many years.  My first priority was to change my diet and to make sure that my lymphatic system was working properly. I knew that cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment, so I needed to change my blood from being too acidic to becoming more alkaline. I started drinking Cleavers Herb Tea three times per day as well as cutting out all animal products, sugars, and gluten.

For the first two weeks after my diagnosis all that I could think was, “Shit I’ve got cancer!” This filled my mind from the moment I woke up until the time that I went to bed.   I believe that this was a process that I had to go through and I didn’t fight it.  I soon went full force into a juicing protocol that included green veggies with added Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder.  You can read more about how to start a juicing protocol with this link. I also supplemented with Organic Flax Oil so that my body had a good source of  omega 3 fatty acids.

In April 2011 I ordered a bloodroot paste (black salve) that could be used on deep tissues tumors, and I applied the paste to the tumor onto my left breast and I kept a photo diary of the whole process. It was a strange feeling that included lots of pulling, stinging, and burning but after a couple of weeks the tumor came away as I was changing the dressing.  At first I felt sick seeing it there- it looked disgusting and it smelled very bad!

This is a picture of a black salve extraction.

Black salve applied to the breast.

It also left a deep wound on my breast but I could still see that there were some of the roots of the tumor still there.   I applied more salve to the open wound.   OMG was that painful! The severe pain lasted around 10-15 minutes. My husband was with me at the time and even he was close to tears seeing me in such pain!   I wasn’t taking any pain medication as I wanted to know how bad it was going to get so that I could inform anyone else wishing to go down this same path.  With insistence from Joe I did take some cataflam (an anti-inflammatory) to help to ease the pain.  Note from CCAR:  letting the wound heal up before reapplying the salve is now the recommended protocol as it will not be as painful and will not traumatize the area further.

It was when I was extracting the first tumor that I met with a micro-biologist who could do live blood analysis with a dark field microscope. She tested my blood and said that it did not look healthy.   She mentioned  there are 10 stages to cancer cells and said that I was around a level 8, which she said would be equivalent to having a stage 3 cancer. She put me in a sauna box which also included ozone therapy.  At first I could only stay in there for 10 minutes.  When I went in for the 2nd time I was able to do the full 20 minutes, but I felt very light-headed and passed out and remained out of sorts for the rest of the day. Thank goodness that was the only bad time I had with ozone.  She mentioned that this can happen with cancer patients.

By the end of May, the wound on my breast was healing nicely but I was still feeling ill and I had very little energy.  By mid June, the 2nd tumor in my left breast was now visible so I started applying the black salve to that as well.  This time the whole process seemed even more painful.  I could not work for a week, and I couldn’t lift my arm at all and I was very emotional.

That summer I cleansed my colon, liver, kidney, and did a parasite cleanse (read about all of these here).  I was suffering from very bad candida, my adrenals were failing, my thyroid was low, my metabolic rate was nonexistent, and I was losing my hair!  Because things still didn’t appear to be working, I ordered Essiac Herbal Tea, which arrived in early October.  I stopped all other supplements as I wanted to see how the Essiac would work on my blood.  The microbiologist had given me a live blood analysis the day before so I started drinking the tea and then had my blood retested one week later….My goodness! My blood had changed; it seemed clearer and the cells appeared rounder.  I thought…. nah it can’t be,  it’s only been a week.  The blood sample was put under the microscope to see how the blood was breaking down, and I got a call the next day explaining that my cells had not fermented! Watch the video below for more information on Live Blood Analysis.

Blood viewed through a dark field microscope

Blood viewed through a dark field microscope

It had been only 3 weeks since I started taking the Essiac mixture and already I was feeling stronger, healthier, and for the first time in years I felt more alive! I didn’t realize how ill I had been feeling these last few years.  I think the problem is that we get so used to feeling the way we do.  We accept the headaches, feeling bloated, the dull hair and the bad skin, and we think that it is normal!

The next two blood tests just got better and better and on December 14 of 2011  I got the official all-clear.  My blood was normal! The cells were healthy, all my candida was gone.  You could see the white blood cells were working away and even my leaky gut had corrected itself.

I was asked why I thought I got cancer, and it isn’t just one thing, it’s a number of them.  It’s like domino’s –when one falls they will all fall. The environment has to be right for cancer to thrive, and that was due to imbalances within my body that were due to many factors.  My family had been going through a very stressful past few years, which ended with my husband Joe having heart failure and it felt as if all of my energies went towards helping him to recover.  Along the way, I totally forgot about me.  My diet was nonexistent, and with all the stress my immune system just went kaput leaving my defenses down and creating the perfect breeding ground for cell mutations.

Now I eat as much fresh wholesome food as possible. Being a chef helps as I can make everything from scratch.  My goal is to switch to a raw vegan diet in order to keep my body in a alkaline state and give my cells the live enzymes that they need to stay healthy, and I will continue to take the Essiac Tea.

Video showing the removal of a breast tumor using black salve application.

Video of live blood analysis

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