DMSO & Vitamin C Protocol

What is DMSO?

DMSO – (Dimethyl sulfoxide) is a natural byproduct of the lumber industry. It has pharmaceutical value for the treatment of muscle sprains and various other sports-related injuries in humans as well as in veterinary animals (mainly the horse raising industry).

DMSO is said to promote healing by increasing the blood supply to the area of injury and is also beneficial for reducing pain and swelling to the area of concern. DMSO absorbs easily through the skin so it can be useful in carrying other substances as is described in some of the protocols below.

More than 10,000 articles on the biologic implications of DMSO have appeared in the scientific literature and 30,000 articles on the chemistry of DMSO have also been published over the last 40 years. The results of these studies strongly support the view that DMSO is a truly significant therapeutic anti-inflammatory and analgesic compound that holds promise in managing a wide range of debilitating health conditions.

DMSO is already an approved pharmacological agent in more than 125 other countries for a variety of health applications, but in the US it has only been approved by the FDA  for the treatment of interstitial cystitis (inflammation of the bladder).  Because of this oversight, the vast health-promoting qualities of DMSO have gone unnoticed to the America public because it has been suppressed by a combination of bureaucratic ineptitude and pharmaceutical industry lobbying.  Since DMSO is a natural product it cannot be patented, so pharmaceutical companies would be unable to make any monetary gain by promoting it.  This product would also have to compete with their more-profitable pain relievers that are already on the market.

The health benefits of Vitamin C

A vast majority of species in the animal kingdom are able to synthesize vitamin C.  As examples, a dog will synthesize approximately 18 mg of vitamin C for every pound of body weight, thus allowing a 50-lb. dog to produce about 900 mg per day, and a goat weighing 154 lbs will synthesize more than 13,000 mg of vitamin C per day during normal healthy function.   This natural biosynthesis will increase in production when the animal is sick, injured, or under stress. For example, a goat under stress will manufacture 15,000 mg per day.

The ability to synthesize vitamin C is lacking in humans, some primates, bats and Guinea pigs because these mammals lack the gene responsible for manufacturing vitamin C, therefore vitamin C must be introduced through the diet.  The Recommended Daily Allowance of vitamin C for an adult is only 60 to 95 mg per day, and as you can see is grossly inadequate compared to the two examples given above.  This amount may be enough to ward off the development of scurvy, but it is certainly not enough to promote good health in an individual or to heal from a serious illness.

Vitamin C is responsible for wound healing and immune system function. Your body, just like that of any other creature, will require even more vitamin C when YOU are sick, injured or under stress. Vitamin C is destroyed when food is cooked, so eating plenty of raw foods that are high in vitamin C is essential. Also, vitamin C is a water soluble, meaning it is not stored in the body although it is utilized continuously by the body.

Stacy Kneeshaw Jet shares how she combined vitamin C and DMSO as part of her protocol for Malignant Melanoma.

Stacy Kneeshaw Jett

Stacy shares: In the book Politics in Healing: The Suppression and Manipulation of American Medicine, Daniel Haley wrote about a young boy with terminal cancer. His mother was told by many doctors that, ‘there’s nothing we can do, take your son home and just make him comfortable,’ but she would not give up on him. She took her son to an herbalist who told her to give her son 7 drops of pharmaceutical grade DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) mixed in 1/2 cup of Distilled water and 1/2 tsp of Sodium Ascorbate (which is a buffered form of vitamin C), and to drink this mixture 2 times a day. She did this and her son got better and survived the cancer.

I decided to research DMSO further. It is a solvent that is extracted from the bark of a tree and is used as a carrier to deliver various compounds into our cells. If you put it on your skin- it will take everything that is on your skin into your system.  I called the author of the book, Mr. Haley, and spoke with him about this and decided to use the DMSO & Vitamin C method as one of my Cancer Healing Protocols and I do feel this provided great benefit to me. The two things I noticed was a complete relief of pain from a non-cancer related sciatica that I had for 13 years- it just went away in a few days and has never come back. I also benefited from a feeling of well-being. Nothing that created a drugged type of feeling, but rather a very subtle feeling that all was right with the world. This is very helpful when you are dealing with cancer as nothing seems to feel right with the world if you are experiencing pain or anxiety. DMSO helped with both of these.   I used a DMSO solution that was 99.9% Pure, Pharmaceutical grade. DMSO is used as a prescription medication for bladder inflammation. The FDA-approved use of DMSO is for interstitial cystitis in people. It is also approved for other uses in other countries, so if the conventional doctors tell you “That stuff will kill you” as I was told by my doctor, it doesn’t make sense. DMSO is also approved as an anti-inflammatory treatment for horses with muscle strains, broken bones and inflammation. The horse racing industry is also a big industry, and if the horses can’t run, there go the profits. So I always follow the money for an explanation and for my answers as to why my doctor wouldn’t tell me about thi$.

I started with the 7 drops of DMSO mixed in a 1/2 cup of distilled water and 1/2 tsp of Whole Food Vitamin C Powder so as not to create any toxicity (except to the cancer cells). I am always leery to use manufactured supplements/vitamins as these can be synthetic or the wrong type, and more often than not they do not include the natural bio-flavanoids that you will find in nature.  The dose that I read about was for a young boy, so after a few days of using this mixture 2 times a day and not dying, I decided to increase the dosage. I started by adding a few more drops of the DMSO into the water. Eventually, I was adding 1/2 cap-full of the DMSO for each dosage and I used anywhere from 1/2 tsp to 1 tablespoon of the natural vitamin C powder.   The only negative side effect was a sweet garlic odor from my skin, so because of this, I took the mixture right before bed and also tried to use the 2nd dose when I didn’t think I would be socializing. But honestly, I knew this smell would be temporary and I wanted to get rid of my cancer- so smelling a little like garlic for a little while was okay.   After 3 months of using the DMSO mixture (as well as my green/juicing/ organic/nutritional protocol),  I went in for testing to see what my cancer status was. The last time that I saw my doctor he had just pointed out that the cancer “had metastasized to the lower ilium and that I must schedule  immediate surgery!” The new scans came up completely clean. I have yet to go back to any doctor for any reason since.

Topical applications for DMSO

Using DMSO for topical pain:  Stacy also shared that she used DMSO for topical pain relief by mixing 30% DMSO with 70% fresh aloe vera gel (which she obtained from her plants). This mixture was dabbed (not rubbed) onto the area of concern. DMSO can irritate the skin if used full strength so this product must be cut with something pure such distilled water or aloe vera.

Making a DMSO for pain-  can be made by mixing DMSO with Cold Pressed Castor Oil, aloe vera gel, Curcumin, Vitamin C powder, and Magnesium powder.  Mix thoroughly and store in a jar. This is to be used in the same manner as you would apply a castor oil packs (read more about them here) . A typical application would stay on the body for about one hour and be kept warm with the use of a heating pad.

Using DMSO with essential oils – this is done by cutting the DMSO by 50% with castor oil.  You can use a dropper and put the DMSO/oil mixture into the palm of your hand and then add a few drops of your favorite essential oils, such as frankincense.    Rub your palms together and then apply topically to the area of concern.  You can read more about essential oils with this link. 

How to make a DMSO/clove mixture for pain relief:   2/3 cup of DMSO mixed with 1/3 cup of distilled water.  Add 30 crushed cloves and allow to sit in a mason jar for one week.  Strain out the cloves and you can use this mixture as a topical pain relief liquid that can be applied to areas of concern.

Information and Contraindications for DMSO

  • You can purchase DMSO online or at a horse tack/feed supply store for about $7-10 a bottle.  Look for Pharmaceutical grade DMSO when purchasing.
  • DMSO may interfere or contradict other products and protocols, some of them include Protocel, Entlev, Paw Paw, or graviola, Amazon Factor Protocol, Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), or Chlorine Dioxide
  • Do not take DMSO with prescription medications as it will enhance the absorption of these and this can create a dangerous situation.
  • Do not use this if taking chemotherapy.
  • Pregnant women, those who wish to become pregnant, or those who are nursing should not use DMSO.
  • DMSO will irritate the skin if used full strength so this product must be mixed with something pure to prevent this. One way to do this is to thin it down by 50% with distilled water or with a pure aloe vera gel or another natural product before applying to the skin.
  • Remember that whatever you use will be absorbed directly into your skin that is why Stacy used aloe gel that she obtained from her plants.
  • Don’t use plastic, latex, or rubber gloves when handling DMSO. The DMSO may bind to the gloves and transfer toxic substances through your skin.

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