Melanoma Healed with Natural Therapies (Stacy Kneeshaw Jett)

Stacy Kneeshaw Jett heals from malignant melanoma with diet and lifestyle changes

On 4/4/2003, I was told by my dermatologist that I had melanoma. About a week later an oncologist informed me that the cancer had also spread into my lymph nodes. He said that I had about 2 years to live.  He suggested that I sign up for a research study on Interleukin-2 and that I begin chemotherapy treatments right away, but I declined both of these.

A few weeks after this meeting I was told by my surgical oncologist that the cancer had also spread to my lungs and that an operation was needed.  Once again I declined.  I went for a second opinion which showed that the cancer wasn’t in my lungs after all.

Stacy Kneeshaw Jett

Three months later my radiologist told me that I had significant metastasis to my lower ilium (this is a bone in the pelvic area) and that I needed to schedule surgery immediately.  It was on that day that I walked out of his office as he chased after me.  From that moment on I refused all of my doctor’s care.

I went home and began to research alternative medicine. I read many books and I put into practice all that I was learning about natural healing.

  • I began growing my own organic garden of assorted greens, vegetables, wheatgrass, sprouts, and a large variety of herbs so I could include them in my daily diet.
  • I also began making fresh juices with those fresh greens, vegetables, wheatgrass, herbs and sprouts.  Read more about juicing
  • I made my own healing tinctures and teas with the various herbs that I was growing.  This is very easy to do, just Google how to make them. Read more about the benefits of dandelion tea and tinctures
  • I did the Budwig protocol which consists of eating a mixture of flax oil and cottage cheese that are blended together.  Dr Budwig discovered that when she combined flaxseed oil, with its electron-rich essential fatty acids, together with cottage cheese, which is rich in sulfur proteins, the chemical reaction changes the oil mixture to become water soluble, allowing it to be easily absorbed through the cellular membrane.  This allowed for the easy transfer of essential fatty acids into the cells and it had the added benefit of pulling the oxygen into the cells as well.  The complete diet that she prescribed for her patients is known as the “Budwig Protocol.”  It is a very strict vegetarian regime which has an emulsified flax seed oil and a cottage cheese mixture at its core.  With this diet, Budwig was able to cure over 90% of her patients, including some of the most terminal cases. Read about the Budwig protocol
  • I used the supplement IP-6 (inositol hexaphosphate) because it builds up the Natural Killer Cells that have the ability to target and destroy cancer cells. The standard dosage is 2 capsules in the morning and 2 in the evening, taken on an empty stomach, but those with cancer can take up to 12 capsules per day. IP-6 should also not be taken at the same time as any other supplements or food.  Read more about Natural Killer Cells 
  • I used the DMSO and Vitamin C protocol, read more about this below.
  • I cleaned up my thoughts and forgave those in my life that needed to be forgiven, and throughout all of this I visualized my body healing. You can read more about these topics here.

Three months after being told that I had “significant metastasis” I returned to my radiologist for a scan.  He was the very same doctor that I had seen earlier, but now he told me that he couldn’t find any signs of cancer.   He wasn’t interested in anything I had been doing to heal myself without chemo, radiation or surgery, but he did say “What ever it was you were doing- keep doing it.”

I sincerely believe that we need to rid ourselves of the fear that surrounds a diagnosis of cancer- as it’s very detrimental to our healing. By taking steps to heal myself and taking control of my situation I was able to remove my fear of cancer. We all create and choose our own path. The one thing I can say about my experience with cancer is that it truly allowed me to put things in perspective and it forced me to see the power I truly posses to be healthy.

A few things that helped me understand that my doctors didn’t know much about true healing:  After beginning my research about nutrition, disease, etc. I read about how destructive sugar is for the immune system because it creates inflammation and nutritional deficiencies, and it also goes straight to the cancer.  In fact, they use radioactive sugar in their PET scans because cancer will utilize the sugar for it’s energy source, therefore revealing cancerous growths and changes. My oncologist had a big jar of candy in his waiting room, so I asked him.  “Don’t you know sugar feeds cancer?”  He said “No, no, do not tell me that sugar is bad for you!” I was so shocked! My trust began to waver and the doubts really began to sink in.  The more I found out, the more I knew I was going to be better off on my own.

A second visit with a surgical oncologist also disturbed me. By this time I was well into my research. I asked the doctor. “Do you feel nutrition plays a role in healing from cancer?” This doctor responded, “Nutrition has nothing to do with your healing, in fact, I’ll write you a prescription for Ben & Jerry’s Ice cream!”

To me this was unbelievable and very irresponsible, not to mention completely ignorant. This same doctor said to me: “You know, you could walk out these doors and get hit by a bus while crossing the streets, just go live the rest of your life” This too made me feel like I had been written off and there just wasn’t anything I could do about my situation.  It was as if he was saying ‘quit your reading and just enjoy what time you have left’…. Ironically I was also told by my doctor that I read too much!

During this same time period  I had 3 family friends who also were also diagnosed with malignant melanoma ranging from stage 1 through stage 3. All three were under their doctors care and receiving standard treatments. Sadly, they all have since passed on.  Eventually, because I have had so many people contact me who have been diagnosed with cancer, I made a video presentation showing many of the therapies I used.  I am sharing my video in hopes that all people can benefit from it.

Stacy made this video to share the details of her journey with melanoma

Using DMSO and Vitamin C protocol for pain and as a therapy

Stacy shares:  In the book Politics in Healing: The Suppression and Manipulation of American Medicine, Daniel Haley wrote about a young boy with terminal cancer. His mother was told by many doctors that, ‘there’s nothing we can do.  Take your son home and just make him comfortable,’ but she refused to give up on him. She took her son to an herbalist who told her to give her son 7 drops of DMSO mixed in 1/2 cup of Distilled water and 1/2 tsp of Sodium Ascorbate (which is a buffered form of vitamin C), and to drink this mixture 2 times a day. She followed these instructions and her son got better and survived the cancer.

I decided to research DMSO further. It is a solvent that is extracted from the bark of a tree and can be used as a carrier to deliver various compounds into our cells. If you put it on your skin- it will take everything that is on your skin into your system.  I called the author of the book, Mr. Haley, and spoke with him about this and decided to use the DMSO & Vitamin C method as one of my Cancer Healing Protocols and I do feel this provided great benefit to me.

The two things I noticed was a complete relief of pain from a non-cancer related sciatica that I had for 13 years- it just went away within a few days and has never come back. I also benefited from a feeling of well-being. Nothing that created a drugged type of feeling, but rather a very subtle feeling that all was right with the world. This is very helpful when you are dealing with cancer as nothing seems to feel right with the world if you are experiencing pain or anxiety. DMSO helped with both of these.   I used a DMSO solution that was 99.9% Pure, Pharmaceutical grade. DMSO is already FDA approved and being prescribed for bladder inflammation (interstitial cystitis) in people. It is also approved for other uses in other countries, so if the conventional doctors tell you “That stuff will kill you” as I was told by my doctor, that just doesn’t make sense. DMSO is also approved as an anti-inflammatory treatment for horses with muscle strains, broken bones and inflammation. The horse racing industry is also a big industry, and if the horses can’t run, there go the profits. So I always follow the money for an explanation and for my answers as to why my doctor wouldn’t tell me about thi$.

I started with the 7 drops of DMSO mixed in a 1/2 cup of distilled water and 1/2 tsp of Whole Food Vitamin C Powder so as not to create any toxicity (except to the cancer cells). I am always leery to use manufactured supplements/vitamins as these can be synthetic or the wrong type, and more often than not they do not include the natural bio-flavanoids that you will find in nature.  The dose that I read about was for a young boy, so after a few days of using this mixture 2 times a day and not dying, I decided to increase the dosage. I started by adding a few more drops of the DMSO into the water. Eventually, I was adding 1/2 cap-full of the DMSO for each dosage and I used anywhere from 1/2 tsp to 1 tablespoon of the vitamin C.   The only negative side effect was a sweet garlic smell, so because of this, I took the mixture right before bed and also tried to use the 2nd dose when I didn’t think I would have to be socializing. But honestly, I knew this smell would be temporary and I wanted to get rid of my cancer- so smelling a little like garlic for a little while was okay.   After 3 months of using the DMSO mixture (as well as my green/juicing/ organic/nutritional protocol), I went in for testing to see what my cancer status was. The last time that I saw my doctor he had just pointed out that the cancer “had metastasized to the lower ilium and that I must schedule  immediate surgery!” The new scans came up completely clean. I have yet to go back to any doctor for any reason since. Shared by Stacy on April 5, 2013.

Using DMSO topically for pain

  • Stacy also used DMSO for pain relief by topically applying a combination of 70% fresh aloe vera gel (obtained from her plants) along with 30% DMSO which was then dabbed (not rubbed) onto the area. DMSO will irritate the skin if used full strength so this product must be cut with something pure such aloe vera or distilled water to prevent this.

Information and Contraindications for DMSO

  • You can purchase DMSO – (Dimethyl sulfoxide) or at a horse tack/feed supply store for about $7-10 a bottle.  Look for Pharmaceutical grade DMSO when purchasing.
  • DMSO may interfere or contradict other products and protocols, some of them include Protocel, Entlev, Paw Paw, or graviola, Amazon Factor Protocol, Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS), or chlorine dioxide
  • DMSO will enhance the absorption of any prescription medications that you are taking and this can create a dangerous situation so one should definitely no use if taking chemotherapy.
  • Pregnant women, those who wish to become pregnant, or those who are nursing should not use DMSO.
  • DMSO will irritate the skin if used full strength so this product must be mixed with something pure to prevent that. One way to do this is to thin it down by 50% with distilled water.
  • Remember that whatever you use will be absorbed directly into your skin that is why Stacy used aloe gel that she obtained from her plants.
  • Don’t use plastic, latex or rubber gloves, or any other kind of gloves, when handling DMSO as the product may bind to the gloves and may transfer toxic substances into the skin.
  • Read more about DMSO

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  DMSO – Dimethyl sulfoxide liquid (3.4 Oz – 100ml), Pharmaceutical grade

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Cancer is a wake up call which needs to be addressed on multiple fronts.  It is the result of an overly toxic body with an overwhelmed and collapsed immune system due to eating nutritionally depleted diets, exposure to toxins, and having poor lifestyle habits. Research an anticancer diet, adding supplements, detoxing the body, and making lifestyle changes so you can address a cancerous situation with a multifaceted approach.


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