Budwig Protocol

Dr. Johanna Budwig

Was born September 30, 1908 and died May 19, 2003 at the age of 95.  She was a qualified pharmacologist, chemist and physicist, and was the chief expert/consultant at the former Bundesanstalt fur Fettforschung (Federal Institute of Lipid and Pharmaceutical Research), which was located in Germany.   With all of her extensive qualifications, she is best known for developing a unique treatment which has healed many people suffering from terminal cancer, diabetes, heart disease, as well as many other ailments.

Dr. Johanna Budwig

As a young scientist, Budwig studied the blood of those with cancer and instead of finding fully-oxygenated, healthy, red blood cells, she found cells that were sickly and lacking in cellular oxygen.  It was Budwig’s understanding that this lack of cellular oxygen came about because people were consuming mass-produced, unhealthy, adulterated fats that have been processed with high heat and chemicals and not consuming the essential fatty acids that our bodies require.  These “pseudo” fats could no longer bind with oxygen and therefore they end up clogging our cells, not allowing them to respirate properly and remove their waste as they had before.

The cells of our body fire electrically. They have a nucleus in the center of the cell which is positively charged, and the cell membrane which is the outer lining of the cell that is negatively charged.   While we may be aware that bad fats are clogging up our veins and arteries and are the leading cause of heart attacks, we may not be aware of how these dangerous fats are affecting our health at the cellular level, basically shutting down the electrical field of the cells allowing chronic and terminal diseases to take hold.

Healthy fats contain a vital electron cloud which enables them to bind with oxygen and this allows them to become water-soluble. The water-solubility of lipids is essential to all growth processes including cellular and energy development; furthermore our entire basis of energy production is based on our ability to metabolize these healthy fats.   Dr. Budwig said this in regards to omega 3 essential fatty acids.  “Without these fatty acids, the respiratory enzymes cannot function and the person suffocates, even when he is given oxygen-rich air. A deficiency in these highly unsaturated fatty-acids impairs many vital functions. First of all, it decreases the person’s supply of available oxygen. We cannot survive without air and food; nor can we survive without these fatty acids. That has been proven long ago.”

The Budwig Protocol  

 An emulsifying blender works well for making this mixture. Blend until there is no longer separation between the cheese and the oil.

An emulsifying blender works well for making this mixture. Blend until there is no longer separation between the cheese and the oil.

Dr Budwig discovered that when she combined flaxseed oil, with its electron-rich essential fatty acids, together with cottage cheese, which is rich in sulfur proteins, the chemical reaction changes the oil mixture to become water soluble, allowing it to be easily absorbed through the cellular membrane.  This allowed for the easy transfer of essential fatty acids into the cells and it had the added benefit of pulling the oxygen into the cells as well.  The complete diet that she prescribed for her patients is known as the “Budwig Protocol.”  It is a very strict vegetarian regime which has an emulsified flax seed oil and a cottage cheese mixture at its core.  With this diet Budwig was able to cure over 90% of her patients, including some of the most terminal cases.

Dr Budwig is said to have personally helped over 2,400 people heal from their cancers, many of them having been given up on by conventional medicine and were literally on their death-beds.  Throughout her distinguished career she held numerous conferences and told about her theories about the development of cancer. Dr Budwig authored numerous books, with at least three of her works having been translated into English; Flax Oil as a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and Other DiseasesThe Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook, and Cancer – The Problem and the Solution which details her work with the flax oil/cottage cheese mixture.

flax oilThe Benefits of flax seed and flax oil-  Flax seed oil is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids. It can be used as a dressing oil for salads or added to smoothies to make fat soluble vitamins more accessible to the body. Care must be taken with this oil as it cannot be heated, left unrefrigerated, or used beyond its expiration date as it will become rancid very quickly.  Barlean’s organic flax oil can be found in the refrigerated section of health food stores.  There are some varieties of unrefrigerated flax oils, but these may not be of the same quality and should not be used as a substitute.

It should be noted that Dr Budwig always used  a full-fat quark when she was healing patients with her protocol.  Quark is a cream cheese type product that continues to be very popular in Germany and Europe and is similar in texture to high fat ricotta cheese.  Low fat was not an option when Budwig was healing her patients.  Most websites and authors who discuss the work of Budwig tell people to use low-fat cottage cheese.  This is false, but it may have been due to an error that was made in the original translations of Budwig’s work from German to English.  Look for 4% fat cottage cheese that is made with organic milk and does not contain additives, preservatives and fillers.  Make a request from your local grocer if they do not carry an acceptable brand.

  • The ratio of cottage cheese to flax oil is 2:1.  You can start by making only one serving per day and then increase the amount as your body begins to tolerate it better.  A person with cancer should work up their way up to consuming a total of 8 Tbsp of the flax seed oil mixed with 1 cup of cottage cheese.  This is divided into two meals in order to get the full amount into your system.
  • This mixture consists of blending together 1/2 cup of organic cottage cheese with 4 tablespoons of Cold Pressed, Unrefined Flax Oil.
  • These two compounds are blended together thoroughly;  a hand-held immersion blender works very well for this process.  It is important to note that neither the oil, nor the cottage cheese eaten by themselves will accomplish the same task as the two compounds working together. This is because the oil must first bind to the protein before the oxygen can be bound to them both.
  • The next step is to allow the mixture to sit for 5 minutes so that the fat-soluble omega-3’s can convert into water-soluble omega-3’s.  This conversion allows the essential fatty acids to be easily absorbed into the cells, and as an added bonus, they will pull the essential oxygen into the cells along with them.
  • Also included in the diet are 2 Tbsp of freshly-ground Organic Flax Seeds, these can be ground up in a electric coffee grinder. Do not purchase the seeds that are already ground as they become rancid very easily.  All flax seeds should be used within 15 minutes of grinding.

Top with ground flax seeds, assorted berries, and sliced bananas.

  • Adding the flax seed into the mixture, and then topping off with fresh berries and walnuts will make this more nutritious, and more palatable as well.
  • Another suggestion is to make it into a salad by adding your favorite greens, chopped tomato, sliced cucumbers and avocados. Whatever vegetables you like.
  • Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Freshly made juices and green smoothies should be included in this diet to get many servings of fresh vegetables
  • This is a vegetarian diet with no other dairy products or animal proteins other than the cottage cheese that is blended with the oil
  • Eliminate all sugar from this diet.  Raw honey is moderation is okay.
  • Get a moderate amount of exercise which will move the lymphatic system and oxygenate the cells as well.
  • Have as little stress as possible, learn some techniques to help you manage your stress levels such as yoga, meditation and EFT.
  • It is essential that one avoid all unhealthy foods such as hydrogenated fats, trans fats, animal fats, sugar, white flour, processed salt (Himalayan sea salt is okay to use), preservatives, chemically-laden processed foods, and fast foods.
  • Continue to follow an anti-cancer diet afterwards

What the Budwig  diet and lifestyle looks like:

budwig salad

Eating the flax oil and cottage cheese mixture as a salad

BREAKFAST– Start with a cup of green or herbal tea. It provides warm liquid that helps with digestion and health.  Then eat the Budwig cottage cheese mixture.

MID-MORNING SNACK -Freshly-pressed vegetable juice made with carrots, beets, celery, green vegetables, lemon and apple

DAILY SUNLIGHT & EXERCISE- Have daily sun exposure (essential to the overall program), at least 15 – 30 minutes without the use of sunscreen or sunglasses.  Budwig referred to the sun as having a stimulating effect on the secretions of the liver, gall bladder, pancreas, bladder and salivary glands.  It appears that sunlight is absolutely essential for the stimulation effect of the vital functions of the mind and body, contributing to the factors which allow the body to heal itself.  Budwig found that patients with cancer had a general intolerance of the sun, but this feeling was relieved after a few days on the diet which allowed the cells time to replenish themselves.  Try the diet for a few days before having sun exposure if this is a problem for you.  Doing daily yoga, walking, rebounding on a mini-trampoline to help clear the lymph system and promote better drainage as well as oxygenate the body.

BEFORE LUNCH – A cup of green or herbal tea with 1 tsp of raw honey, if desired.

LUNCH – A raw vegetable salad with home-made salad dressings made from lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and herbs/spices.  If you are still hungry you can make steamed veggies and a whole grain/starch  (such as buckwheat, millet, brown rice, lentils, beans, peas, yams, sweet potatoes, or Ezekiel bread).

DESSERT–  have your second serving of the flax oil and cottage cheese mixture topped freshly ground flax seeds, walnuts, and fresh fruits.

MID-AFTERNOON SNACK – One tablespoon freshly ground flax seeds added to freshly made papaya or pineapple juice (these particular juices are high in enzymes that the body can utilize for digestion and healing). Chew or swish the ground seeds in the mouth, adding saliva for better digestion.

AFTERNOON RELAXATION– do this in the sunlight, if possible. Now is a good time to empty the mind of worries, angers and fears. Now is the time for meditation, visualizations, and prayer.  Focus on nature, music, deep breathing and positive thoughts.

BEFORE DINNER – One tablespoon freshly ground flaxseeds added to freshly made papaya or pineapple juice (these particular juices are high in enzymes that the body can utilize for digestion and healing). Chew or swish the ground seeds in the mouth, adding saliva for better digestion.

DINNER – Vegetable soup or a variety of lightly steamed veggies such as kale, tomatoes, spinach, beets, carrots, chard, cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli, onions, artichokes, asparagus, peppers, green beans, etc. along with a whole grain/starch such as buckwheat, millet, brown rice, lentils, beans, peas, yams & potatoes.   Add healthful spices such as cayenne pepper, paprika, turmeric, sea salt, etc.

Dr Budwig is said to have personally helped over 2,400 people heal from their cancers, many of them having been given up on by conventional medicine and were literally on their death-beds.  Throughout her distinguished career she held numerous conferences and told about her theories about the development of cancer. Doctors at the Central Committee for Cancer Research were not happy with many of the statements that she was making in regards to adulterated fats being the cause of cancer, and they subsequently took her to court.  According to court transcripts, the judge, after having reviewed the evidence from both sides, pulled the cancer researchers aside and told them not to pursue their case further.  “Doctor Budwig’s documents and papers are conclusive. There would be a scandal in the scientific worlds, because the public would certainly support Doctor Budwig.”

Plan on being on this diet for about 3 to  5 years-  Dr. Budwig confirms this warning in the final sentences in her book ‘Cancer – The Problem and the Solution’ where she writes: “I will add here a few sentences by American Dr Jan Roehm, who studied and applied my therapy in great detail and who writes: ‘… You should follow this diet for about 5 years. By that time, your tumor should have completely disappeared. Persons who stop the diet too early and return to a diet consisting of meat and sweets sometimes see their health rapidly deteriorate and cannot be saved after such a bodily torture.’”  Naturopath Dr. K. Bischoff, MD, whose testimonials regarding practical experiences with the oil-protein diet are quoted on pages 116/117 in the above mentioned book title confirms the warning Johanna gives regarding by saying: “Like with any serious condition, the strict rules must be maintained for 3 years before they can be relaxed.   Also a return to the former, cancer-causing lifestyle must be avoided since a second bout of cancer does not hold much promise regarding healing success even when a rigorous diet change is again implemented.   My experiences refer to rectum cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer.”


The Budwig Protocol can safely be combined with some other therapies including the use of  Far Infrared Sauna, Laetrile in the form of Bitter Raw Apricot Kernels, aloe arborescens, Enzyme Therapy, Wheatgrass, Barley Grass, Chlorella, Green Tea Extract, Essiac Tea Herbs, Pau D’ Arco, and Beta glucans.

Flax oil is a mild blood thinner. Using blood-thinning drugs, including aspirin, could be dangerous.

Although Dr Budwig did not include any supplements or drugs in her protocol, it is believed by some people that supplements, especially high amounts of antioxidants may interfere with how well the diet will work, as can various drugs and medications.  Other conflicts may also include: birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy, chemotherapy, radiation, alcohol use, oxygen therapies, ozone therapies, intravenous vitamin C, drinking alkaline water, fluoridated water, chlorinated water, cesium chloride, hydrogen peroxide therapy, Protandim, Protocel, Paw Paw, Graviola, and others. If you are pregnant please consult your physician before using this protocol.

How to make flax oil and cottage cheese mixture


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