Pancreatic Cancer Healed with Natural Therapies (Kim Thacker)

“All I can say is that through all the pain, the suffering, and the persecution, the Lord has been so good to me. My husband and our children have been through a lot with me, but we’ve seen the hand of the Lord sweetly providing and caring for us all the way through. Soli Deo Gloria”  Kim Thacker

Kim Thacker heals from pancreatic cancer with diet, supplements, and detoxing protocols

Kim Thacker

Kim Thacker began her natural treatments for pancreatic/ liver cancer on June 15, 2002. She reports that she had been feeling ill for about 6 years prior to that date but her doctors were unaware that she was actually suffering from a deadly cancer. Hoping to alleviate some of her symptoms, she had surgery to remove her gallbladder and appendix and then her doctors prescribed Prilosec to alleviate the nausea and abdominal pain that she was experiencing.

It was later discovered that she had several blockages and obstructions in her pancreas.  Her doctors wanted to perform exploratory surgery with a biopsy of the area, but knowing the extreme weakness of her body and under strong council from her naturopathic doctor, she decided not to have this surgery and left conventional treatments altogether in June of 2002.  She firmly believes that she is only alive today because of making that decision.

Her naturopathic doctor put her on a diet of raw foods which also included making large quantities fresh organic vegetable juices and making nutritious smoothies. Kim also began taking large doses of pancreatic enzymes, supplementing to meet her specific nutritional needs, detoxing her body with several coffee enemas per day, along with daily exercise and sun exposure (without sunscreen).

Kim reports that she was so ill at the time she started these therapies that she did not have the energy to take care of herself or her family, but she says that as her healing progressed, she gradually (over a year and a half) was able to regain her strength and even managed to carry a child while doing her natural treatments.

It has been over 16 years since receiving her diagnosis and making the decision to turn to natural therapies to treat the cancer. Please watch the video link below as Kim shares many more details of her journey through cancer.

The diet, supplement, and detoxing therapies that Kim used:

  • She eats a 100% raw foods diet. This includes some raw dairy products and raw pasture-raised eggs.
  • She makes 64 ounces of fresh vegetable juice every morning from carrots and a variety of greens. She stores this in the refrigerator so she can drink it throughout the day. You can read more about juicing with this post.
  • She makes a super food smoothie everyday, you will find the recipe below.
  • She takes very large doses of Pancreatic Enzymes.  Approximately 40-50 capsules are divided and taken between meals on an empty stomach.  These are protein digesting enzymes that serve a variety of purposes throughout the body, one of them being to break down the fibrin proteins that surround cancerous tumors allowing them to be recognized by the immune system. You can more about the health benefits of systemic enzyme therapy along with a protocol on how to do it with this link.
  • She also takes Digestive Enzymes with her meals to assist in the digestive process.
  • She supplements to meet her specific nutritional needs as set forth by her naturopathic doctor.  You can read the diet and supplement recommendations of Dr Kelley/Dr Gonzalez for various cancers with this post
  • She consumes 3 T of Organic Flax Oil every day. Flax is high in omega 3 fatty acid that are often lacking in our modern diets. Flax oil is for cold uses only and can be used as a salad dressing or added to your smoothies.
  • She consumes 3 T of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil daily.   She also massages this oil onto her skin daily.
  • She takes 4 T of Green Super Food Powder that has been dissolved in water and she drinks this throughout the day.
  • Se does several coffee enemas per which is helpful for detoxing the liver.  You can read more about coffee enemas with this post.
  • She jumps on a Mini Trampoline for ½ to 1 hour per day to move her lymphatic fluids and to exercise her body. You can read more about your lymphatic system and various ways to detoxify it with this link.
  • She gets plenty of daily sunshine (without sunscreen) or she takes a Vitamin D3 Supplement when that is not possible.  Read more about vitamin D
  • She does Oil Pulling for 20 minutes every morning with 1T raw coconut oil as part of her detoxification protocols.  You can read more about oil pulling with this link.


Kim created this video to share the various natural therapies that she is using to heal from the cancer.

Kim’s raw smoothie recipe

  • 1 organic banana
  • the meat and water from 1 coconut
  • 1 T Spirulina Powder
  • 1 T Raw Cacao Nibs
  • 1 T Bee Pollen
  • 1 heaping T Hempseeds
  • 1 T raw coconut oil
  • frozen organic blueberries and raspberries
  • 1 raw egg from a free range chicken
  • Add all ingredients into your blender and then blend until smooth
  • Read more about making super food smoothies


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